Introducing My Aksyon. Your handy app in times of emergency.

Life is sometimes hard, and with those unexpected moments, we need help. But admit it, we strongly need an app that would connect us to the most relevant philippine government agency or companies that would help us in those dire situations, let’s say there’s a flooding incident, we’d contact MMDA for help. Or there’s a crime near your area, you can call PNP for that.

Introducing “My Aksyon” An app that lists the most important government agencies (or even private companies) that are relevant in times of emergency. Tap on a certain agency and it will show you their contact information, tap again to call a certain hotline or mobile hotline and you can even visit their website or twitter page, if available. It’s really convenient, specially if you’re in a hurry.

My Aksyon will be available in these mobile platforms:

My Aksyon for iOS

My Aksyon for BlackBerry 10

My Aksyon for Android

My Aksyon for Windows Phone 8

My Aksyon for Windows Phone 7

My Aksyon for Firefox OS  (Currently under review and will be available in the next few weeks)

..all for free.

Of course, this app will be updated moderately and will offer more relevant contact information from different private sectors and government agencies.

If you liked this app, don’t forget to give it a “5 star” rating. And if ever there’s something wrong with the app or if you have an awesome idea that would improve My Aksyon, please contact me via e-mail:

Thanks! And mabuhay tayong lahat! :-)

Should i support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8?

Let’s stop about Windows Phone 8 buzz for a second and think about this question:

“Should i support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8 even after Windows Phone 8 has been released?”

Well.. My answer is… It depends, really!

I’ll ask you another question…

Should i rewrite my app to support awesome NFC feature? OR Rewrite my game to awesomeness graphic hungry nativity?

If your answer is YES.. Then you should rewrite your apps for Windows Phone 8. But if your answer is NO.. Then your current windows phone apps will still be running smoothly even on a Windows Phone 8 device!

You can, however write a separate app for Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s really a matter of choice! But if your app doesn’t need NFC or any new Windows Phone 8 hardware features.. Then you are free to support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8. Not a bad choice if you need a higher target impact.

In the end, you, as a developer has an option to decide. So ARE YOU still going to support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8? Let me know in the comments section!

Compilation of Windows 8 RTM facts [On Progress]


I recently got a copy of Windows 8 RTM so i decided to install it via Virtual Machine FIRST rather than installing it on my main work machine. I DO NOT have an activation key, but i’m honest enough to have a legal copy of Windows 8 in the future, this post is for pure exploration of Windows 8 awesomeness!

So… Let’s get this thing started!

If you’re following me on twitter, then you might have read my early Tweets for Windows 8 Facts. But for those who are not following me just yet, i have compiled all of my Windows 8 RTM facts right here…

Aug 6: 11:19pm :

“Windows 8 RTM Facts: IE 10’s “DO NOT TRACK” feature is automatically “ON” if you have selected “Express” set-up.”

Aug 6: 11:20pm :

“Windows 8 RTM Facts: If you have not activated your Windows 8.. You can’t customize your PC. I haven’t see the 30-day trial counter msg tho.”

August 7: 11:09am :

“Windows 8 RTM Lock screen! :)

August 7: 11:17am :

“Windows 8 RTM Fact: Skydrive is built-in and Metrofied! #win8fact

August 7: 11:18am :

Windows 8 Fact: Windows Store has a new logo! But i can’t still find the search box… “

August 7: 11:41am :

Windows 8 has a built-in Maps.. Still powered by Bing (Not Nokia Maps).. #win8facts

August 7: 1:10pm :

Bing on Windows 8 is really big. Hahaha. #win8facts

August 7: 2:08pm :

Interesting: You can get a new Windows 8 license + download for <$70! + pay more if you want the actual DVD! #win8facts

August 8: 11:06am :

[Video] Windows 8 Set-Up Screen.

Developing Story…

If you have any questions, please do send me an email at aaroncajes [at]  or mention me on twitter @aaroncajes. :)