Babble Messenger: The filipino mobile messenger that is worth checking out

So recently i’ve started my Internship at Voyager Innovations Inc (A Subsidiary of Smart Communications Inc) and from there i’ve discovered that they have built a mobile messaging app called Babble Messenger.

Babble Messenger is a filipino made mobile messenger ready to take the IM titans like WeChat from China, Viber from Cyprus, KakaoTalk from South Korea, WhatsApp from the U.S.A, BBM from Canada and Line by Naver from Japan.

Here are some cool features to try in Babble:

Babble is a realtime mobile messaging app which allows you to send unlimited messages for FREE.

ᗚ GROUP CHAT – Chat with all your friends at once! Join groups or create your own.

ᗚ SECRET MESSAGING – Send messages to your friends and watch them disappear, leaving no trace!

ᗚ JOIN CHATROOMS- Find & make new friends. Meet random people and talk about absolutely anything!

ᗚ NEW CHATROOM FEATURES- Send PRIVATE MESSAGES to fellow chatroom users, or IGNORE pesky users.

ᗚ SEND PHOTOS & VIDEOS – Attach photos & videos and send them instantly to your friends or groups

ᗚ EMOJI & STICKERS – Make messaging fun! Use Emoji & Stickers to express yourself!

ᗚ VOICE CHAT – Send audio notes to friends or groups with just a click of the button.

ᗚ AUTO BUDDY MATCHING- Your Address Book contacts who have Babble installed will automatically appear.

Similar to Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk.

Babble is available to download for FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Make the official BlackBerry 10.2 OS for Dev Alphas work on your Dev Alpha devices!

If you have a Dev Alpha, you might also have tested the BETA 10.2 OS specifically designed for your BlackBerry Dev Alpha device and you might have guessed, it really doesn’t work even on the gold version.

Once you load the Autoloader on your device, at the end of the command line it will throw a: “Security Error.” error message and your device  will not be usable and the device LED will just blink red.

Well the solution is actually simple.

You just have to know if your device has an equivalent STL model for the Z10 or SQN model for your Dev Alpha C. And instead of downloading the default Dev Alpha autoloader, you just have to get the device specific autoloaders and it will work!

Don’t know which model you have? Get the Device X app free from BlackBerry World!

Device got bricked in Dev Alpha OS 10.2? Download the good old 10.1 OS Dev Alpha Autoloader here and then download the STL/SQN specific OS and load it on your Dev Alpha device.

Wish it works on your side! Goodluck!

Firefox for Android works on the upcoming BlackBerry 10.2 Update

A filipino developer named Nemory Oliver (@NemOry) has succesfully ported and tested Firefox for Android in BlackBerry 10.2 Update. It’s good to know that majority of popular android apps that usually doesn’t work with the current BlackBerry 10/10.1 software now runs like a dream on the upcoming OS update.

BlackBerry 10.2 has Android 4.2.2 runtime. A huge leap from the old Android 2.3 runtime.



Other than Firefox, he also ported some Android apps like Opera, Subway Surfer, Candy Crush, Viber, Camera 360, Instagram, Temple Run, Facebook Pages. Based on his tweet, all are running smoothly than expected.

You might want to follow NemOry for more of his hacks. :)

Bored at the current Mobile Ecosystem Wars? Here are some new contenders…

Geeksphone Keon running Firefox OS. Image from

Yeah, there’s a lot of buzz happening right now in the mobile ecosystem, and everyone just want to have a slice of the marketshare. When you say “Mobile Wars” some people think it’s about Apple vs. Google doing legal battles, but in the mere fact, it’s not. It’s all about how people are adopting to a certain platform and use it in the long run.

But in the case of application development, some developers are moving from the big players into newer mobile platforms. They believe that there is a lot of opportunity in these emerging platforms, because first of all, there are small or even no app players to cater the needs of the user of a new platform, thus giving them a large audience impact when a certain platform launches on a specific country.

If you’re interested to know what these emerging platforms are, here’s a quick list.

BlackBerry 10 – BlackBerry’s second coming to the smartphone battle, based on QNX (The same technology that has been used in different industries). Developers can run Native Apps using the Cascades Framework or port games that has been written on C++. HTML5 is also an option for making an app. Got an existing app? Port your Adobe Air and Android apps to the platform! To learn more about these stuff, you can visit BlackBerry’s official website here.

Firefox OS – Mozilla’s official entry to the Mobile wars, but this time it’s about opening the mobile ecosystem to the web and cater current web developers to the platform. There are no native apps, which means if you want to make an app in Firefox OS, you can use your existing site (If your site is responsive to adapt the mobile screen, that is) or make one from scratch using Web Technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To learn more about Firefox OS Development, you can visit Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub here.

Nokia Asha Platform – The Nokia Asha OS is made to cater low end devices, the first phone to have this operating system is the Nokia Asha 501. You can make native apps using Java ME but you can also write an app using HTML5. Learn more about Nokia Asha development here.

Ubuntu Touch – Based from WikipediaUbuntu Touch is a mobile interface for Ubuntu developed by Canonical Ltd. The interface is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The first consumer phone to have this operating system, is Ubuntu Edge (If you want one, you can actually join the growing list of pledgers). You can develop an app using native C++/QML or by using HTML5. Learn more about here.

Tizen – Based from WikipediaTizen is an operating system for devices including smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, and smart TVs. It is an open source system that aims to offer a consistent user experience across devices. Tizen’s main components are the Linux kernel and the WebKit runtime. The Tizen project resides within the Linux Foundation and is governed by a Technical Steering Group (TSG) composed of Intel and Samsung. Learn more about Tizen App Development here.

Sailfish OS – Again, based from WikipediaSailfish is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed by Jolla in cooperation with the Mer project and supported by the Sailfish Alliance. It is to be used in upcoming smartphones by Jolla and other licences. Although it is primarily targeted at mobile phones, it is also intended to support other categories of devices. The first phone to have Sailfish OS is from Jolla. Learn more about it here.

The list doesn’t end there and there will always be a new challenger awaits as time unfolds. Developers, be quick to adopt. The revolution has just started.

Transfer your iPhone or Android data to your BlackBerry Z10, Q10 device

I was having a problem transferring my existing contacts from my iPhone to my BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry Link won’t sync my contacts so i have to find a better alternative… Then i discovered “Device Switch

I couldn’t describe it better than their official description:

Device Switch provides a fast and easy way to transfer contacts and calendar entries from one device to another without the need for a PC or Mac.

Simply download and run the Device Switch app on both devices, ensure they are both connected to the same WiFi network and follow the on-screen prompts.

Device Switch supports the following features:

  • Contacts transfer (including contact photos, birthdays, etc.)
  • Calendar transfer (including recurring entries)
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Fast and reliable transfer over WiFi

Surprisingly, they have an app for BlackBerry 10. Free. Same goes with iOS and Android. Imagine the time i saved. So if you’re planning to switch from your iPhone or Android phone  to a BlackBerry 10 device, this app is a must. We should all thank “Media Mushroom Limited” for making this useful app. Cheers! :)

Got BBM with Channels? Subscribe to my personal channel!

That’s right folks! I do have my personal BBM channel! Wait.. What’s that? What for!? Well having my personal BBM channel, for me, is like having a blog without the bills…. Or twitter, without the ads or something like that! But i do say it’s really personal. And since  i don’t want to spam you guys on your BBM Updates tab, i will only post geeky stuff and updates on my website. Things that is worth sharing! So if you’re on BBM with Channels you can just simply scan the QR code below:

Still not on BBM with Channels? Just visit the BlackBerry Beta Zone and sign-up for a free account to download BBM with Channels for free using your Windows PC.

Opinion: Why BlackBerry Q10 is MORE expensive than the Z10 and why the price is just right

While starring dully at my Twitter stream, i saw someone tweeted that BlackBerry Philippines has confirmed that the BlackBerry Q10 will be launching here in the Philippines! *yey* On June 7! *double yeah* For only 31,990! *huh* That’s how some people reacted when they saw the official pricing and they keep on comparing the Q10 to available touch screen smartphones in the market today like the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S IV or even the BlackBerry Z10. But Q10’s price fits BlackBerry’s target. We’ll discuss more on that after the jump!

(The BlackBerry Q10. Photo source from N4BB)

BlackBerry Q10 is made from premium materials

The first time you hold a Q10, it really feels premium that’s because it has been made with advanced materials! My BlackBerry Q10 experience is awesome! The keys are comfortable to type *It’s even comfortable than the BlackBerry Bold 9900) and the glass weaved back makes the phone really gorgeous! Discover more about Q10 on this youtube video embedded below:

BlackBerry Q10 is incomparable

When BlackBerry launched BlackBerry 10, they started to ship the BlackBerry Z10. While BlackBerry Q10 may have been late to ship, the price is still justified and targets the right market.

If you observe and think deeply, BlackBerry Z10 is REALLY targeted for those people who are comfortable with touch screen smartphone. They might be a current iOS, Android, Windows Phone user. Or even an owner of a phone with a physical qwerty keyboard/keypad. But who knows? People has different needs and for them they might need/or comfortable with a touch screen smartphone and that’s why the Z10 fits perfectly on that market, and that’s why it’s cheaper than the Q10.

Q10 on the other hand, is targeted for those faithful and proud users of BlackBerry Smartphones with a physical keyboard. And BlackBerry has spent time crafting an iconic smartphone that will lead the future of BlackBerry.

Q10 is different. It’s not full touch so if you compare it to a full touch smartphone, it’s like you’re comparing apples and oranges. Both are smartphones but one has an ambition, the Q10 has a goal.

If BlackBerry wants to dominate, they need to target a market that is beyond qwerty, a larger market that needs a “touch-screeen” based smartphone. So i think that’s why the BlackBerry Z10 was the first to be released and that explains why it’s cheaper than Q10.

BlackBerry Q5 might solve your BlackBerry 10 needs!

If you really can’t afford to buy a BlackBerry Z10/Q10, you might want to take a look at the upcoming BlackBerry Q5 an entry level BlackBerry 10 phone that might fit your budget. Think of it as a BlackBerry Curve… But runs BlackBerry 10! Hey, that’s a big deal!

Is BlackBerry crazy with their pricing? They might be crazy, but they know what they are doing. In the end, it’s really all about the awesome BlackBerry 10 features that compliments the premium BlackBerry hardware. :)

BBM Video using your BlackBerry PlayBook to BlackBerry Z10/Q10

I’ve been playing around with my BlackBerry Z10 and got curious if PlayBook can “Video Call” my Z10 and it turns out it actually works!

If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook before, you may have seen the “Video Chat” app. You will be needing that app to call any BlackBerry Z10/Q10 users. Here’s a video demo of this experiment:

How it works:

1.) Using your PlayBook, find the “Video Chat” app

2.) You need to ask your friend’s Z10/Q10’s BBM pin

3.) Put the BBM pin on the text input and press “Call”

Please take note that i recommend that both parties must be connected to a Wifi network. I haven’t really tried if this feature works if a certain Z10/Q10 phone is connected under  cellular network

I’m sure you may now able to enjoy BBM Video using your PlayBook! It’s really awesome that it actually works just fine. Also take note that “Screen Share” doesn’t work on PlayBook-Z10 BBM Video. Well not yet, maybe BlackBerry will implement “Screen Share” on PlayBook on future updates? :)

If you have any further questions in mind, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. :)

Want to make a BlackBerry 10 app? Start with the Tools!

I recently joined DevCon’s Mobile Camp for BlackBerry 10 last April 20 2013 and my job there is to assist aspiring devs to get started on BlackBerry 10 Development using HTML5.

They were passionate about the platform tools and “how things works” and i couldn’t hide that awesome feeling that they are enjoying what they are doing. But there are few curious devs that asked me this same question, over and over again. “I really want to make a BlackBerry 10 app. But where do i begin?”

This posts aims to answer that question, but feel free to contribute if i miss something. :)

“Not all developers are equal”

This is true when it comes to knowledge, expertise and experience. Some came from a C++ background and probably some of them might have been developing web apps or some of them might have an extra experience on making android apps (or may even work as full time).

Not everyone is equal. And not everyone is interested in learning a new programming language just for the sake of supporting a certain platform. So that is why BlackBerry  made a way to support multiple language/tools in making your dream BlackBerry 10 come true! So what are these tools anyway?

The BlackBerry Experience – Cascades?

Go Native! If you have an experience developing C++ or QML applications, this is the best way to go. It has built-in tools to make that signature “BlackBerry 10” experience on your app. Grab the SDK and simulator and get started coding! Visit

HTML5 Rocks! – WebWorks

If you already know how to make websites or web apps. You’ve come to the right place! Make an app based on your exisiting knowledge and you can even use mobile frameworks like Built for BlackBerry Boilerplate,bbUi.js, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch etc. To learn more about WebWorks visit this site:

Adobe Air

Make apps with your existing ActionScript knowledge! Or if you know how to make an app using Adobe Air, the better! Start here:

Android. Jump to BlackBerry 10!

Got an existing Android app on Google Play? Want to maximize your app’s audience target? You can port it to BlackBerry 10 and upload it to App World! Get started here:

P.S: After porting, if you’re Android app receives a positive feedback from users, why don’t you make a Native app that has the signature “BlackBerry Design” and make them feel home. But it’s your choice! :)

That’s it! Feel free to explore BlackBerry Development with the tools you’re comfortable with. :) Also here’s my 5 reasons why you should develop a native app for BlackBerry 10.

5 reasons why you should develop a native app for BlackBerry 10

There’s a lot of reason why you should develop a native app for BlackBerry 10 but personally here’s  my top 10 reasons why i develop native apps for BlackBerry 10. I made it short just for you not to get bored. :)

1.) BlackBerry is committed to its developers

From the start BlackBerry is committed to its developers. Developers asked for a testing device to test their BlackBerry 10 apps and BlackBerry responded by giving them a Dev Alpha devices. While developers are working really hard to bring awesome native apps for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry in return launched a trade up program by offering a BlackBerry Limited Edition device by trading up the Dev Alpha device. You get the actual BlackBerry Z10 phone in a limited edition color made only for developers.

And since BlackBerry is confident enough that your awesome app will have a knack in BlackBerry World, they launched a 10k commitment program for eligible apps! What does that mean? It means BlackBerry will pay the difference between $1,000 to $10,000 if your app reached more than $1,000 in sales!

Though 10k commitment program is now closed, you can still submit your app for the “Built for BlackBerry” program.

Quoting from the site:

Vendors with apps carrying the Built for BlackBerry designation may have a higher profile to consumers in the following channels:

  • BlackBerry World

  • Social media

  • Digital media

  • Direct marketing

  • Channel marketing

How cool is that? That’s commitment made right!

2.) Truly an open platform for every developer

Are you a C++ developer? An aspiring Web Developer whose interest is to make mobile apps using HTML5? Do you code in AIR? Well.. Good news! You can still use your existing skills to make apps for BlackBerry 10! You don’t have to get stuck in one programming language to get your dream app rolling!

3.) Need help for your app? There’s BlackBerry Dev Rel or a local developer group near you!

In dire situation, you need someone to help you get your code running. We all need help, and that’s why the BlackBerry Dev Rel (@BlackBerryDev) is here to support you! Just send them a tweet and they shall answer your questions!

It’s awesome to hack with your fellow countrymen! Join a local developer group near you! Here’s a list. If you’re residing from the Philippines, you can join us at! Follow us on twitter (@PinoyBBDev) !

4.) Get tools and BlackBerry World account, all for free!

Got that killer app idea and wanted to translate it to an actual app? Make it happen with BlackBerry 10! Get started by choosing your platform and download the tools needed to build your app!

And once your app is ready for prime time, you can deploy it to BlackBerry World by getting a BlackBerry World Vendor Account for… FREE! Yes, you read that right. FREE! No annual fees! No One time payment! No joke! Just sign up and get verified and submit your app to BlackBerry World! How awesome is that? :)

5.) BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 is amazing!

At the time of this writing, BlackBerry announced they have sold 1 Million Z10‘s all over the world in just a couple of months! Plus the dawn of seeding the Dev Alpha C to eligible developers, developers can then test their apps to support the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, also an amazing BlackBerry 10 device with the BlackBerry signature qwerty keyboard! Imagine your app running on a beautiful hardware on a full touch screen + touch & qwerty smartphone to millions of happy Z10 and future Q10 owners! Imagine the possibilities!

So don’t miss the opportunity to change the world with BlackBerry! Get your hacker hats on and start making apps for BlackBerry 10! There’s a lot of reason why you should make apps for this platform and i believe you can discover it personally, and if you have found a reason to believe in BlackBerry 10. Share it here. :)