How to browse on your Cherry Mobile Ace has been launched in the country last week and it’s a steal if you are already a a Smart, Talk N Text or Sun subscriber on your Cherry Mobile Ace Smartphone.

The world’s affordable smartphone can be used to browse to internet service for  FREE. With, you’ll get to access Facebook, Accuweather, JobStreet, Inquirer and other partner sites without any costs within the terms of

So how do you get started? It’s simple! Follow these steps below:


– You should own an active Smart/Talk N Text or SUN Sim Card and you should have these network as your default on your data settings.

Step 1. SMS “Internet” to 9999. Don’t worry, it’s free.

Step 2. Make sure that your data settings should be set to SMART INTERNET

Step 3. Open FIREFOX and visit, and accept the terms and conditions.

PRO TIP: Access it with ease, add it on your homescreen! is not yet available in the Firefox Marketplace, but it doesn’t stop us from accessing the website easily!

1. Tap the “Star” icon and tap “Add to homescreen”

2. Add a Website name. You can write “” and tap the “Add to homescreen” button

3. Press the home button and voila! It’s now on your homescreen. You can tap that app and save time navigating to :)

Enjoy! Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions or if you have any cool hacks and tips that would help our fellow Ace users!

On old Android phones and Firefox OS

Yesterday, i bought an old Google Nexus S and it’s a phone that runs on Android 4.1.2, it’s probably the last phone update it can get from Google’s Android and once i got my hands on it, i took my USB cable out and downloaded the latest Firefox OS builds you can get from the XDA website and flashed it with Firefox OS.

After a few minutes of patience, i saw the potential of the device. The phone runs Firefox OS 2.2. Since it’s the same version that you can get on a Firefox Flame, it also has the privacy panel app that you can use to locate your device, although i haven’t fully explored it yet. It’s pretty slick, and it always amaze me that this 2010 phone can run the very best of Firefox OS.

You can get a mid-tier phone experience from a low end hardware. In my case, i only bought the phone for less than 70 USD and performance wise, it’s almost the same with the Flame. And it always amaze me that software plays a big role on a smartphone device. Who would have thought that you can make an obsolete phone awesome again with a new Operating System?

The future of Firefox OS is exciting! I’m really hoping that OEMs will manufacture more mid-tier phones that feels like a premium device when you use it. I believe a LOT of people are willing to buy it, specially in today’s market where a LOT of affordable high end Android devices are fighting together to win the low and mid market.

Can Firefox OS change the way we use smartphones? Maybe. But it has already made an impact to thousands of early adopters worldwide and gave breath to devices that has run out of updates.

Cherry Mobile Ace: An end to the Gingerbread Era

Cherry Mobile Ace photo

Cherry Mobile has announced a new set of devices for this month of November and i think it’s the best line up yet for both consumers and developers.

It’s nothing new that Cherry Mobile has been actively releasing new devices every now and then but this time, in my own opinion, they wanted to point out that they are working really hard to put balance in modern hardware and reasonably priced devices.

The end of Android Gingerbread

The current line-up of Cherry Mobile smartphones has abandoned Android 2.3 a.k.a “Gingerbread” and that’s okay. Gingerbread has been here for a very very long time. It was first introduced in December 6, 2010. That’s nearly 4 years ago!

The most affordable Cherry Mobile Android Phone runs Android 4.1 a.k.a “Jelly Bean”

Firefox OS is here to fill the gap

Now that Android Gingerbread is retiring, something needs to fill out the gap.

And now they are offering the Cherry Mobile Ace now runs Firefox OS 1.3.

With Firefox OS, you get a modern operating system with a modern browser. It’s an operating system which has been made with Web Technologies at its heart. Whichmeans you can get more apps because most the apps are lightweight when compared to a native Android app.

I’ve been using Firefox OS for almost a year now and i can safely say that the O.S has been improved dramatically since its inception. And Mozilla is doing a good job on enhancing the operating system. In fact, if you own a Geeksphone Keon or Peak, you can try out Firefox OS 2.1 on your device.

I just bought a unit today and will update my blog on how to test your Firefox OS apps and setting up the development environment using the new Cherry Mobile Ace. So please stay tuned. :)

Should you stop building on web and just build on mobile?

I recently came across a quote from a friend:

Stop building on web, start building on mobile.

If you’re a big fan of the web,  it could rage spark. But if you think deeply, and analyze the quote and the current situation of the web. The ‘web’ and ‘mobile’ is actually asynchronous. If mobile will evolve, so is the web.

Remember the Symbian phones?

Forget about Smartphones! Let’s go back to the days where Nokia rules the world. I can remember that i have been using a web browser to download Java games from a telco website.

As far as i remember, the website that i have been browsing on is not the same site that you will stumble upon these days using a smartphone. It’s responsive. It’s finger friendly. And it’s expensive because back then, there is no such thing as “unlimited” internet. It’s all KB charge, baby!

It’s the iPhone that changed the web

When the first iPhone was launched, it promised to carry a full blown browser on your fingertips. Steve Jobs once said that developers doesn’t need an SDK to build apps on the iPhone. Just use Safari, and you’re good to go.

But things got different when Apple introduced the App Store. And i believe that the unified application store is the only reason why the platform took off.

The web back then has no offline support

Back when the web was young and ‘unlimited’ internet was a dream, users wanted to use apps offline. The iPhone offers safari and developers then can build web apps. But developers aren’t happy. Users aren’t also happy. So Apple took the opportunity to revive the old symbian way on using your app. Get it from an ‘application platform’ and use it offline.

But things are different now.

Firefox OS is here.

Firefox OS is a great example of Web and Mobile working together in harmony. It’s not a dream, nor a beta project. But it’s a real open product. It exist. It’s a living proof that the Web is dead.

In fact, Firefox OS offers an Application Marketplace that is available on both Firefox OS and Firefox for Android, you are not tied to one platform. Firefox OS also offers offline capabilities for your apps. WebGL is also an interesting technology that works on Firefox OS when making advanced graphics. Firefox OS also offers cross platform notification that works on all platform.

And if you really want to monetize your ‘web app’ you can simply use Apache Cordova to port it to other platforms.

The web is matured and it keeps getting better

The web is accessible for all. It keeps getting better and better. It’s an open platform that everyone can dive in and contribute.

Instead of choosing and comparing Apple and Oranges, wouldn’t be nice if we just use the right tools for the right job?

Firefox OS Challenge for Students

Firefox OS Challenge for Students is the first hackathon organized by the Mozilla Philippines Community that focuses on starting up a new breed of innovative apps in the Firefox Marketplace.

All participants here are students from different colleges and universities and that they are allowed to code within 7 hours but that didn’t stop them from making “Kids Education” themed apps. The theme also aligns with the “FSA App of the Month” where Firefox Student Ambassadors all around the world hack and submit awesome apps to the Firefox Marketplace.

There were 9 teams who joined this hackathon and they are:

  1. Team Bangan from UST.
  2. Team Tams from FEU Makati.
  3. Team apt-get from PUP Manila.
  4. Team Hatee-ho from UE Manila and Letran Calamba
  5. Team Maiteam from Technological Institute of the Philippines.
  6. Team Red Coders from San Beda College, Manila.
  7. Team arCOSSine from UP Los Banos, Laguna.
  8. Team COSSine from UP Los Banos, Laguna.
  9. Team Alpha³ from University of the Philippines,Manila

And ALL of the teams had pitched their apps for 3 minutes and after that, there is an interaction with the panel of judges for 2 minutes who then gave creative ideas and suggestions to even make the experience of the participants apps more awesome to the end users!

These panel of judges are all Pinoy Mozilla Reps and they are:

  1. Eusebio Barrun
  2. Robert ‘Bob’ Reyes
  3. Kathrine Faye Tandog
  4. Joell Lapitan
  5. Kevin Ventura

All apps are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Design – “Is the user interface design compliments the purpose of an app?”
  • Usability – “Is the app user friendly to the end user?”
  • Presentation – “Have they presented the app clear to the judges?”
  • Innovation – “What makes this app unique among others, and why this app is a game changer?”
  • Relevance – “Is the app aligns with the hackathon theme?”

and we are proud to say that the judges had selected the top three apps and also the winners for this hackathon:

  1. Team COSSine with the app “Lets do da Math”
  2. Team Bangan with the app “Binary Game”
  3. Team Red Coders with the app “Math Catapault”

All winners had received a cash prize from our supporter Globe Labs and an shinny new Firefox swags to take home!

Congratulations guys! We hope to see everyone’s apps on the Firefox Marketplace in the future!

We’d also like to thank all of our Firefox Student Ambassadors and Mozillian supporters who volunteered to make this event possible!

You can check out more pictures of this event from our official Flickr set.

Meet the first top ten filipino made Firefox OS apps you can use today!

We cannot deny the fact that Firefox OS has a great developer interest in the country. Many of the local developers from different fields are joining our official Dev Group on Facebook to get an insight about the latest news and events related to Firefox OS.

But… how about the consumers? You’ll be surprised that even at Toycon 2013, i am getting questions like “When will Firefox OS launch locally?” or “Is Firefox OS something to look forward to?” from a consumer that came from a non-tech industry field! How awesome is that?

And since January and up to this date, we have successfully conducted 3 App Days from different places in the country and 2 Firefox OS Apps Development Workshops in top universities in Manila and of course, our countless lightning talks that promotes Firefox OS in different parts of the country.

Lo and behold, we are pleased to announce the first top 10 Firefox OS apps that has been approved in the Firefox Marketplace:

  1. Raffle Hat
  2. NS Converter
  3. My Holy Rosary
  4. My Aksyon
  5. Pixel Test (You have to switch to countries that supports payments to see this app)
  6. Leaders PH
  7. BMI Calc
  8. TicTacToe
  9. Game of Luck
  10. MozPH Memory Game

OUR BASIS: We gathered this information from the Mozilla PH Developer Community and does not in anyway represent accurate statistics (on who came first) from the Firefox Marketplace.

Let this be an inspiration to other filipino developers to get started making or porting their apps right now! This is truly the best time to explore the platform and launch an app!

How can you try this apps without a phone, you say? You can download and use the Firefox OS Simulator (Add-on) and use it along side with your Firefox browser. Cool, right? :)

If you need developer support, you can always ask for help at our developer group or follow @MozillaHacks on twitter.

Recently approved Firefox OS app? E-mail me your app’s Name, description and Marketplace link to: aaroncajes [at] MozillaPH [dot] org

Mozilla PH Dev Team at UE Manila for Firefox OS Workshop

The Mozilla Philippines Dev Team conducted a Firefox OS Workshop at UE Manila last Friday, September 27 2013. It was attended by Computer Engineering students and most of them are members of Society of Computer Engineering Students (SCpeS) an official student organisation at the University of the East – College of Engineering.

This event is somewhat unique to the team because this time we are teaching Firefox OS development to non-Information Technology and Computer Science students. The event was smooth because majority of the students knows how to make a web app using Web Technologies, so kristian lugtu, my co-speaker focused on making these web apps responsive and be adaptive to Firefox OS.

The event started at 10am as i was the first to discuss about the Mozilla Philippines Community and to be followed by Firefox OS Overview which discusses about the philosophy of Firefox OS and why it’s the start of the Open Web revolution on mobile.

Followed by Kemuel Joseph Domanog where he discussed about the Firefox Students Ambassadors program in the Philippines.

Then Kristian Lugtu discusses about making your first Web App with Mobile First in mind. He also made a template for students to follow and hack on while he demonstrates how to make a simple web app responsive.

After an hour of hacking, i came back to talk about using that web app and optimise it to Firefox OS. This time before i showed them how to write a manifest file and using that to test their apps on the Firefox OS Simulator, it was my first time to let my audience install the simulator. I did that because we were at the university’s computer lab and they have to experience how easy it is to install the simulator, so when they reach home after the workshop, i am confident enough that they know how to replicate it again on their own machines. Lastly, i also discussed about the benefits of Firefox Marketplace.

After the talks, we have a 2 hour app hacking session where they will have to use that template and make a new app out of it. It’s nice to have Ryan Ermita and Marcus Ang present at this workshop as they are both dedicated Mozilla Volunteers and act as Firefox OS mentors to help students with their first open web app. It was truly an interactive workshop! At the end of apps hacking session, there were 6 apps demoed in front of the audience.

And those who have presented received a Firefox string bag and Firefox phone case. Not only that but we also gave Firefox and Mozilla stickers to all attendees!

Over 40 student attendees. Truly it was an awesome experience for everyone! I can’t wait for the next Firefox OS events and open apps coming from my own alma matter! :)

I would like to thank Prof. Errol Antonio and Prof. Mary Ann L. Limkian for making this event possible! Kudos to everyone!

Check out our Flickr set for this event here.

New in Firefox OS V1.2-prerelease: Orientation Lock Support, new lock screen and the future of customizable homescreen!

I’ve recently flashed my Geeksphone Keon with the latest V1.2 ROM with build identifier: 20130928225700 and i think it’s quite impressive because this one has a lot of new upcoming features to play around in the next releases. Take note that i’m on the 1.2 channel, which means this one is being updated every night so expect A LOT of bugs along the way if you want to use this one.

Let me enumerate the cool new things i found on this build:

  1. Device Orientation lock support
  2. Improved lock screen design
  3. Home Screen option
  4. New set of wallpapers

Device Orientation Lock Support 

Orientation lock is one of the most important feature in a smartphone and crucial to the User Experience of a mobile operating system.  If enable, what orientation lock does is that it prevents the device from switching to landscape from portrait mode on any apps as possible. Without this feature, one mistake of holding your device might change the orientation of the screen without your consent, making users annoyed. So it’s nice to see that Mozilla is working round the clock to make this important feature a reality.

Improved lock screen design


From the start, Mozilla has been experimenting different kinds of Lock Screen design, and if you’re using a Firefox OS phone right now, you might have to swipe up and press a rounded button to unlock your phone OR fire up the camera. But on this build, you have to tap and swipe the middle button to select whether you want to unlock your phone or use the camera with a twist of animation that compliments the design of Firefox OS.

Video demo:

Home Screen Options

Soon developers can change how the home screen should look like. This one is similar to Android. Though it’s not clear how one developer or designer can make their own customised home screen, it’s really an exciting feature to look out for.

Video demo:

New set of wallpapers

Now includes the signature fox, and it’s built right into the system wallpaper. How cool is that? :)

Video demo:

What’s this? :)

Hmmm.. future icon for tablets? :)

Video demo:

The real deal here is that every Firefox OS phone will have this update in the future. So theoretically, no Firefox OS phone will be left behind!

If you’re feeling adventurous right now, you can flash your device by getting the official Geeksphone Firefox OS 1.2 ROM here: Please note that i am not responsible if your device got bricked, proceed with caution in mind. :)

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.

Useful articles for building Firefox OS apps

So, you wanted to build an Open Web App for Firefox OS? Awesome! Here, you will find useful articles about building your own Firefox OS app!

Getting Started with Firefox OS

This list will never be complete as new articles are being made by current Firefox OS developers to help new developers get their apps started. If you found a new and useful Firefox OS guide or article, just comment the link below and i’ll add them here. Thanks!

Geeksphone has something special to announce soon.

That’s right. Geeksphone isn’t going anywhere and it looks like they are ready to drop something awesome anytime now!

So is it…..

  • A “Geeksphone” Developer Preview Tablet(s)?
  • A new set of “Geeksphone” Developer Preview Device(s)?
  • Re-stock of Keon/Peak?
  • Or a.. “Geeksphone” Consumer phone?
  • If not, maybe a set of IMAGES that would make KEON/PEAK into a CONSUMER device?

Who knows? Time will only tell and i’m pretty much excited on what they have to announce in the next few weeks, if not then months. :-)


As of 7/7/2013 – 5:53Pm (PHL Time): website is DOWN. But the Download section for the images is UP. Probably, some website maintenance? Or a new website layout?