WebGeek DevCup 2013 was a blast!

That’s right! Mozilla Philippines has been supporting WebGeek Philippines from the start and we are honoured to be part of this year’s DevCup!

Did you know this event was so buzzing, it was even featured by GMA 7! (A very known local news station from the Philippines.)

Also, this year was quite different. Why? This time, the officers from the Firefox Warriors Club – UE Manila together with a fellow Mozilla Rep, Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez was there to cover the whole 2 day event! Even though i couldn’t be with them on the weekend (Yeah… :( Because i was in Cebu for the Firefox App Days – Cebu) they did a very good job at supporting developers by helping them debug their web app using Firefox’s Built-in Developer Tools!

Heck, they even distributed Firefox swags and even answered questions about the Mozilla Community and of course, Firefox OS!

Take note, this event was attended by 60 teams composed of 1-3 devs! For a total number of 48 apps generated!

Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez even blogged about his thoughts about this year’s event. Awesome, right? Check it out here.

Some say, a picture paints a thousand words…. So we covered the event with PICTURES! Only at FWC – UE Manila’s Flickr Account! Take a peak here.

Congrats WebGeek! Until the next DevCup! :)

WebGeek DevCup is back! Don’t miss it out!

Time flies! It’s been almost a year since the last DevCup and this post is quite similar to this. I’d say, this event is awesome! Just like last years. :-)

More useful info about the event:

WebGeek has announced it’s second DevCup hackathon event, to take place at the Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall on August 17 to 18, 2013. Participants can now enjoy and show what they got through this two-day event. Last year’s completion was attended by more than 200 developers and participants armed with the single aim of learning and challenging their skills and building apps.

Join this year’s DevCup: You can sign up as an individual participant or register up to a maximum of three as a team. Give yourself the boost to prove that you have what it takes to be called as one of the “best” and manifest your skills during this two-day hackathon. Conceptualize, develop, and create your bizarre kind of app that is of course in harmony with the given theme.

Winning is not the only thing in this event, as you indulge yourself in you will learn how to make decision quick with your team. You can also increase your circle of network, since WebGeek is targeting 50 to 60 teams of participants to hop in. you will certainly meet lots of interesting and useful people for your connections.

Early bird tickets will be available on July 15 – 27, 2013 for PHP250. If you don’t purchase your tickets by then, you’ll be missing out on a 75% discount. It looks like it’s going to a great DevCup 2013 this year, so don’t wait any longer.

For more information about the DevCup 2013, check out http://webgeek.ph/devcup-2013.

Up for a challenge? Mark your calendars, folks! You don’t want to miss this great event!

Get ready to hack at 4SQ HackDay Philippines!

We cannot deny that the mobile era is here. It’s what Steve Jobs said that we now heading towards to a “Post-PC era“. But what does it mean? It means people are now shifting from their laptop/desktop lifestyle to tablet lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean people are now selling their new and shiny MacBook Pro’s or Powerbooks, but in fact, they are adapting a new kind of device that would help them consume information.

It’s a Mobile thing, isn’t it?

A Smartphone is designed to be fast, fluid and handy. People love their smartphones because of that. When designing a smartphone app, developers should prioritize the consumer’s needs. Remember, they are always on the go so your app should too.

A tablet, on the other hand is designed for consumers who wants to consume data on a big screen. It’s like a smartphone, but users are not always on a hurry. When designing for tablets, always think about how your app will look like on that big handy screen. Users are meticulous and they demand a better experience on their device. It’s what they paid for.

What about tools and things like that?

Usually, a mobile platform allows devs to build apps on native. But today, majority of Mobile platforms are now offering their web tools to web developers. Popular mobile companies like BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Nokia, Windows 8 are now changing the game with HTML5.You can also use Apache Cordova to build cross platform HTML5 apps.

Now, which is better? Native or Web? Seriously. It’s all about your personal preferences and or experience. Use the tools you feel comfortable with. But if you’re not happy with the results. Go and try the other.

Come and Join 4SQ HackDay PH 2012!

 (WebGeek DevCup. Photo by When In Manila)

Smart DevNet and WebGeek invites all mobile app developers to test their skills in this awesome and one of a kind hackathon event. All you have to do is develop a mobile app on the foursquare API. Develop your mobile app within nine hours and let us see what you’re capable of.

It’s your chance to hack that next big thing! If you want to know more about this event, you can visit the official site: http://hackday.webgeek.ph/

WebGeek DevCup: More than just a Hackathon!

Up for an awesome challenge? Can you build a website within a limited span of time? Got that oh-la-la feeling when it comes to the crowd? Yep? yes? YES! Alright! Join this awesome WebGeek event called the WebGeek DevCup! I won’t do the talking this time, let me quote the details below…


On August 25, 2012, WebGeek Philippines will be bringing you the WebGeek DevCup, an all-day hackathon extravaganza that will give rise to the most creative and most skillful team to deliver the best web application.

Just form a duo, trio? or if you’re bold enough, go solo to be able to participate in the hackathon. Registered participants only need to bring their own laptop and development tools (pre-packaged libraries, widgets, and frameworks) and they’re good to go! The organizers will be providing the internet connection, power, space, food, and drinks.

In this day-long hackathon, each team will be given six hours to develop a web application based on the theme to be given that day. Presentations will be delivered from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. During this time, teams are expected to have accomplished a web app that will either be fully or partially functional.

If the web app is not finished by the allotted time, the team should be able to explain how they would implement the technology for the unfinished parts, and how they intend to implement it technologically. Incomplete parts or projects may be represented by wire-frames or other plan documents. Five minutes is allotted for the judges’ questions about each app. Deliberation will commence after the presentations, and those who emerge victorious will be handsomely rewarded starting at 11:00 PM.

The web apps will be evaluated according to technical complexity, user experience, social relevance, and originality. The panel of judges consists of seasoned gurus in the field of web application development.

It will be a battle of innovation and creativity, and a day full of fun and challenges!

And this competition will be judged by: Bryan Bibat and Miguel Paraz. Both are experts, and only the highest quality output shall be picked from these two awesome people!

So if you want to join, visit this link here and register now!

What is WebGeek?

WebGeek is a community that acts as a venue for Filipino Geeks, Developers and Designers. A community in which we can all grow, thrive, and of course have a little fun along the way!

Learning by example is a wonderful way to receive the knowledge you need to advance yourself in whatever web endeavors you may aspire to. Receiving instruction from your peers can also be a much easier way to learn. It is often from like‐minded individuals that we can see things in each others work that others may miss.


About the DevCup (pdf) http://webgeek.ph/WebGeekDevCup.pdf

Invitation (pdf) http://webgeek.ph/WebGeekDevCup-Invitation.pdf