My|Phone A818 Review

I wanted to try Android app development and was on a hunt to find the right android phone that could become my test device and at the same time my second phone. And recently i find out about the My|Phone A818.

My Phone

I’ve decided to buy the said phone, why? The price: For just Php. 3,999.

It’s REALLY affordable and when you own one, you’ll be surprised by its features!

So let’s say, i’ve convinced you to buy one…

The first thing you’ll touch when you buy this product is the box and it’s pretty sleek. You’ll just have to lift the box upwards and the first thing you’ll see is the actual phone.
My Phone

They offer three different colors: White, black and dark brown, and i bought the dark model. Which is quite elegant.
My Phone


Inside the box, you’ll see a battery, charger, ear piece, usb cable, a cd (pinoy content), and some manuals and a warranty certificate.

Now let’s get into the phone details.. At the back of the phone, there’s two sim card slots and a MicroSD reader. I’ve asked the sales rep and she said that this phone can accept up to 16GB MicroSD card. Not bad. (Take Note: MicroSD is sold separately.)

Once configured, you’ll see the My|Phone logo that will be animated after a little while.

Once done you’ll see an android robot widget to assist you on how to use your phone. It’s quite nice because it’s my first time to own an actual android device.

Battery Life & Internet Connection

This phone’s battery life is pretty impressive, it took almost 2 days before the phone losts its power on stand-by mode connected on wifi. I’ve also tried using this phone using cellular data connection (In fact, it can actually tether) on GPRS and EDGE.

Sound Quality & Accesories

I was amazed by this phone’s speaker. It’s pretty loud and the sound quality is great and it doesn’t have any buzzes or noise. In fact, it’s louder than an iPhone 4S. It also has a free earpiece and the sound quality is good.

I also bought a screen protector and a soft cover both cost at Php. 100.00. The soft cover is actually nice and comfortable on the hands and feels natural when you try to grip the phone.


Let’s talk about the camera..

The back camera has 3.2 Mega Pixel, which is fine for basic photography. I’ve tested the phone’s camera inside a room with fine lighting.
My Phone

I haven’t used the front-camera on an actual video call but here’s a sample image using the front-camera.

My Phone
My Phone

Facebook & Skype is built-in, but not Twitter. So the first thing you’ll do is to launch Google Play – Android’s official application store. From there you can buy or download apps available for your device. (Some apps may not support your device, but don’t feel bad about it. There’s a lot of alternative apps out there. Feel free to explore! And did you know that there are 600,000 apps available in Google Play?)

It also has a built-in My|Phone exclusive app called “PINOY”… It has TONS of Filipino content like prayers, famous quotes, history facts, jokes and etc.


From all the features you have read, for just Php. 3,999 PLUS a Filipino brand? Totally worth it! If you need an android phone but totally concern about your budget why not buy this phone? :)

6 thoughts on “My|Phone A818 Review”

  1. its a horrible phone,actually this phone is not phil. made india has similar phones like this,..check it out on YOUTUBE.

    its functions are outdated (2009 tech),camera is pretty is mediocre…hd gaming is minimal

    battery life is more horrible than the samsung galaxy mini..and the screen smoodges alot too.

    its cheap but then again for few more thousands of pesos id rather go for quality and updated products.

  2. what will i do if ung side button nung fone ko displays and adjust FM volume instead of ring volume kahit d nmn open ung radio?

  3. ask ko lang paano in a access yung PINOY app? d ko kasi ma play yung naka install dun eh… please help nman po…

  4. kasi its nit a 3G phone..hehe… read the manual, it says there that it can not do video call… yan sin kasi gamit ko, kaya lang sad to say, hindi ko na itanong sa kung 3G…badtrip… but as of now ok lang , mejo ok naman preformance nito sa kin eh… baka titan tv sunod ko bilhin, dami naman na lumabas na 3G phione ngayo…hehe

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