486 hours at Voyager Innovations Inc

It was one of those normal days when i was just actually waiting for a company who are interested to hire me for an internship. Then someone called me on my mobile phone, and it was from Smart’s H.R. She told me that they are inviting me for an interview somewhere at Ortigas, and without further ado, i’ve accepted the offer!

“The Interview”

Then the day came from my interview, i still remember the place where i will be deployed. It’s at Voyager Innovations Inc. The same venue where Smart held their AngelHack event last year, where Mozilla Philippines Community is also a local partner for the said event and i was a “Mentor” back then.

The interview lasted for less than 15 minutes, and got an e-mail from SMART saying that i have been accepted as intern in less than 35 minutes after the said interview. So it was that fast and i think it was one of the most epic interviews i had.

“A new beginning”

When i entered Voyager, they are already working on a weather application that will be dealing with the chance of rain. I was assigned to test the said app and i was lucky enough to see it progress because i was testing the early “Alpha” versions. I was really excited to the job, i had no background of testing apps in a formal way and got the whole process after i have filled a few bugs.

I’ve also attended a product launch. It was that awesome that your work is beginning to unfold in the media that then will be broadcasted to millions of filipinos not only in the country, but worldwide.

And i couldn’t imagine more that the apps that has gone before the consumers are being tested on my hands, and it’s truly an awesome job if you think about it.

I was so inspired by my job that i even wrote this blogpost. lol

“Moving forward”

It was an awesome experience working with Voyager Innovations Inc! I learned so many things that will be helpful in the real world. In just 3 months! 🙂

I’d want to thank the people who mentored me during my internship, and to my co-interns. You are all awesome!

I’m glad to be part of a company that works together and shares a common vision. 🙂