Answering some Firefox OS Questions

(Photo from the Mozilla Philippines Community Facebook Page)

There’s been a lot of questions around Firefox OS development and that’s okay because a lot of developers are interested to build or port their apps on the platform. Also, not only developers are excited, but also consumers who believe that Firefox OS is the next big thing. This post aims to help you find answers, it may not be complete but i think the most essential things are covered.

If you’re a consumer, this is the best site to know more about Firefox OS:

And if you’re a developer seeking for answers about the platform based on my own experience with the platform:

What IDE or SDK do i need in order for me to make a Firefox OS app?

You don’t need to install heavy IDEs or SDKs just to make a Firefox OS app. Just use Firefox now and install the Firefox OS Simulator (Surprisingly, it’s a browser add-on!) and use your favourite text editor and you’re good to go!

What programming language do i need to use in order for me to develop a Firefox OS app?

If you know how to make  a website and you’re familiar to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then you are good to go on exploring the platform! But if not, you have to get a good knowledge and the right foundation by learning first the trinity of web development.

Also, by making your site/apps running on multiple screen, you have to make it responsive.

How do i get started on making apps for Firefox OS?

I made a list of useful articles you can explore and read on:

How can i monetize my Firefox OS app?

You can set your app as a paid app or use the in-app payments API and sell your app for free. It really depends on your app’s business model.

 Where can i get support?

Join the Mozilla Philippines Development Group on Facebook.

Subscribe to the B2G Mailing List.

Follow and ask @MozHacks on Twitter.


More FAQS! Here’s one quoting from:

What is Firefox OS?

It is a new mobile operating system built entirely using open web standards. It allows for every device function (calling, messaging, browsing, etc.) to be developed as an HTML5 application which can access the underlying capabilities of a phone (only available to native apps on other ecosystems).

How do I get a developer preview phone?

You can buy one on the Geeksphone website or if you are a Mozilla Rep you can request a Keon.

If I don’t want to buy a phone, can I still develop an app for Firefox OS?

Absolutely! You can test out your app on Android (using Marketplace for Firefox) or on your desktop using the Firefox OS simulator.

How does it compare to the final phone?

We are working with several partners to bring the phone to the general consumer market. We’ll have more information about those devices later.

Where can I download Firefox OS to try on my own phone?

See Building and installing Firefox OS.

How can I test my app on Firefox OS?

On Android or using the Firefox OS simulator.

What is the full list of device APIs?

Are you looking to standardize then?A large number of device APIs will be supported in the initial implementation of Firefox OS. A complete list can be found at is ongoing.

Are your device APIs being standardized for cross-platform use?

Yes, the APIs are the result of working with several partners and vendors and a few of them have already ended up in other platforms. Almost every technology company has the problem of enabling Web Apps to access the hardware that end users have and our implementations are a good starting point to make this happen for more platforms.