BBM Video using your BlackBerry PlayBook to BlackBerry Z10/Q10

I’ve been playing around with my BlackBerry Z10 and got curious if PlayBook can “Video Call” my Z10 and it turns out it actually works!

If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook before, you may have seen the “Video Chat” app. You will be needing that app to call any BlackBerry Z10/Q10 users. Here’s a video demo of this experiment:

How it works:

1.) Using your PlayBook, find the “Video Chat” app

2.) You need to ask your friend’s Z10/Q10’s BBM pin

3.) Put the BBM pin on the text input and press “Call”

Please take note that i recommend that both parties must be connected to a Wifi network. I haven’t really tried if this feature works if a certain Z10/Q10 phone is connected under  cellular network

I’m sure you may now able to enjoy BBM Video using your PlayBook! It’s really awesome that it actually works just fine. Also take note that “Screen Share” doesn’t work on PlayBook-Z10 BBM Video. Well not yet, maybe BlackBerry will implement “Screen Share” on PlayBook on future updates? 🙂

If you have any further questions in mind, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. 🙂