Compilation of Windows 8 RTM facts [On Progress]


I recently got a copy of Windows 8 RTM so i decided to install it via Virtual Machine FIRST rather than installing it on my main work machine. I DO NOT have an activation key, but i’m honest enough to have a legal copy of Windows 8 in the future, this post is for pure exploration of Windows 8 awesomeness!

So… Let’s get this thing started!

If you’re following me on twitter, then you might have read my early Tweets for Windows 8 Facts. But for those who are not following me just yet, i have compiled all of my Windows 8 RTM facts right here…

Aug 6: 11:19pm :

“Windows 8 RTM Facts: IE 10’s “DO NOT TRACK” feature is automatically “ON” if you have selected “Express” set-up.”

Aug 6: 11:20pm :

“Windows 8 RTM Facts: If you have not activated your Windows 8.. You can’t customize your PC. I haven’t see the 30-day trial counter msg tho.”

August 7: 11:09am :

“Windows 8 RTM Lock screen! 🙂

August 7: 11:17am :

“Windows 8 RTM Fact: Skydrive is built-in and Metrofied! #win8fact

August 7: 11:18am :

Windows 8 Fact: Windows Store has a new logo! But i can’t still find the search box… “

August 7: 11:41am :

Windows 8 has a built-in Maps.. Still powered by Bing (Not Nokia Maps).. #win8facts

August 7: 1:10pm :

Bing on Windows 8 is really big. Hahaha. #win8facts

August 7: 2:08pm :

Interesting: You can get a new Windows 8 license + download for <$70! + pay more if you want the actual DVD! #win8facts

August 8: 11:06am :

[Video] Windows 8 Set-Up Screen.

Developing Story…

If you have any questions, please do send me an email at aaroncajes [at]  or mention me on twitter @aaroncajes. 🙂