Creative Innovation Launchpad, A book – By Serial Tech Entrepreneur Mario Domingo gives Filipinos roadmap for innovation in the new normal

Corona Virus. Lockdowns. ECQ. COVID-19. Swab Tests. Travel Pass. Economic Recession. These are the buzz words of 2020. As the world is still recovering of the effects brought by the SARS-Cov2 virus, the filipino people are starting to feel and know what would be the future of the Philippines be like.

The shift from being a “Consumer” to an “Entrepreneur” is becoming an inevitable path for most Filipinos but one would ask “Where do I begin?” and “How do I start?”

The economic impact of COVID-19 has arguably been as poignant as one to public health. Millions of people around the world have lost their businesses or jobs due to the shutdowns implemented to contain the virus. The Philippines is no different. As of June, 7.3 million Filipinos had already lost their jobs according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

But there is hope. With several vaccines on the horizon, the world – the Philippines included – may truly reopen in 2021. How do businesses reinvent themselves in the face of this so-called new normal?

Serial tech entrepreneur, Group CTO of Chi-X Asia-Pacific Holdings, Ltd and President of Chi-X Global Technology Philippines, Inc Mario Domingo presents a framework for doing just that in his new book published by Ambidextr Media. Appropriately titled, Creative Innovation Launchpad: Building a Culture of Innovation, the work sees Domingo give advice on how businesses can execute what he calls “creative information.”

Creative innovation can be viewed as a distinct subset of innovation. In many cases, innovation can be done for the sake of innovation, even if it serves no practical purpose. Creative innovation, in contrast, is undertaken to achieve a specific business goal, such as increase revenue or users. It is the propensity for creative innovation that Domingo wants to turn Filipino businesses of all sizes and types, including micro enterprises, social enterprises, MSMEs, startups and corporates, to.

“There’s a wide range of people who should read this book. Of course, it’ll be a valuable resource for corporate leaders who want to innovate with agility and for startup owners who want real-world knowledge about scaling their organization. Yet it’s also for the student who simply wants to know how innovations are created in the real world,” said Domingo

The advice that Domingo provides spans the full life cycle of building a business, including financing your innovation projects, leading from top-down, building a risk-taking culture, implementing design thinking, showcasing past success through an innovation hub, fostering organization-wide collaboration, and repeating this process again and again.

In providing this framework, Domingo draws on his years of experience having founded several successful artificial intelligence companies and his continued work in fields such as fintech and healthcare. This book represents Domingo’s first foray into writing, and in fact came about on a dare.

Domingo’s friends – including Globe CEO Ernest Cu and former Shell Chairman Cesar Buenaventura who contribute and afterword to the book respectively – had challenged him to create a cohesive body of literature from his chaotic, but surprisingly effective framework of innovation.

The book finally came to fruition at a book launch held virtually on Monday, November 23, via Zoom, hosted by renowned news reporter Paolo Bediones. Domingo shared the he hopes that organizations everywhere will adopt the innovation framework espoused in the book.

“When we planted the seeds of creative innovation, it’s a long term investment but especially necessary in this new economic environment. Encouraging creative minds everywhere to live up to their true potential is something you just can’t put a price on,” he said.

Who is this book for?

Students who want to learn how to create innovative products in the real world.

Startup founders who want real-world knowledge about scaling an organization.

Small Business Owners who want to gain a competitive advantage into the marketplace.

Corporate Leaders who want to innovate with the agility of a startup.

For only Php 799, interested readers can visit https:/// and not only order themselves a copy, but also learn more about the work behind the book.

Update: You can get the book through BookShelfPH Official Website or Shopee today!

About The Author

Mario Domingo has founded several successful Artificial Intelligence companies over the last several years while spending nearly 30 years in a corporate environment.

He continues to work in the areas of Fintech, Media, Healthcare, and Development. He is the founder of DARC Labs, an AI-healthcare tech R&D center where they work on imaging and genomics diagnostics. He is also the Director of the Ateneo Institute for Digital Enterprises where he shares his knowledge in innovation, design, agile and various courses to help enterprises in digital transformation.

He spent many years in  Telecom and the Defense and Manufacturing Technologies in the United States.