Firefox Marketplace app needs some content rating love! Rate it now!

If you have an app in the Firefox Marketplace, then probably you might have received this email from the Marketplace App Team. It’s important to rate your content rating as soon as possible to prevent any further inconvenience at your end.

Those apps who have failed to submit a content rating will be pulled out from the Marketplace on April 15 2014.

You can read the full context of the email here:


Time is running out to prevent your app from being removed from Firefox

If your app does not have an IARC rating by April 15th 2014, we will remove
your app. To add an IARC rating to your app, please follow the steps outlined

Want to keep your app in Firefox Marketplace?

Mozilla has implemented a content rating system for all apps on Firefox
Marketplace, and we noticed that your app has not yet been rated.

Adding an IARC rating to your app is easy, free, and takes just a few minutes.

Upon completion of your IARC rating form, you will receive a confirmation email
with your rating certificate and security code. Be sure to keep a copy for your

Once completed, your app will receive instant ratings for all participating
rating boards. This not only helps educate your users about content, but also
dramatically reduces the cost and hassle associated with obtaining various
global content ratings individually.

Why delay any longer? Visit your My Submissions page to get started:

Thank you for your time and for helping Mozilla create a more user-friendly
marketplace for users around the world!

The Apps Team