First Firefox OS Mentors Meeting: Thoughts and reaction

The purpose of this meeting is to unite dedicated developer Mozillians and guide them to become a Firefox OS Mentor in our community. We believe that the community needs these dedicated people for the success of Mozilla Philippines’ organised and Mozilla presence developer events (like Hackathons) in the country.

So what does a Firefox OS Mentor do?

  • Developer Support at MozPH Dev events
  • Developer Relations at Mozilla PH Dev Community
  • Promote Firefox Dev Tools and Firefox OS
  • Recruit more people to join the local Dev Community group
  • Contribute apps on the Firefox Marketplace

Summary on what happened on this meeting:

  1. I gave a refresher talk about Mozilla in the Philippines
  2. Firefox OS Overview (Why Firefox OS? What is Firefox OS? and how Firefox OS is the “Platform that HTML5 deserves”
  3. Hands-on: Hacking your existing web app and putting that to Firefox OS
  4. Hands-on: Exploring the Manifest file and WebAPI
  5. Hands-on: How to fire up the simulator and test your web app
  6. Hands-on: Making your that existing web app responsive
  7. Firefox Marketplace Overview
  8. How to test your web app on an actual phone (Using a Firefox OS developer device: Keon)

And at the end of an awesome hacking session, i gave them an app challenge by group (with maximum 3 members per team) to work on.

Looking Forward

I believe this is the very first step on shaping them to become an active contributor not only to the Mozilla project but to the whole developer community as well. We’re looking forward for the future of the FFOS Mentors Team!

I’d also like to thank co-Mozilla Reps Joell Lapitan and Kemuel Domanog for supporting me on this event! You guys are awesome! 🙂

If you’re interested to join, or if you have any further question about this program, please do send me an e-mail: aaroncajes [at] mozillaph [dot] org

Photos are posted in our official Flickr set. You can view it here.