From Yalla Apps to Microsoft Dev Center

In the past few days, I’ve been very active blogging about Microsoft’s soon to be released products like: Windows Phone 7.1/7.8 and exploring Windows 8 RTM.

Right now, this one is quite interesting for developers who are currently living in a country that App Hub has not supported in the past….

Yalla Apps – One of the notable Global Publisher Program partner is now giving away FREE ONE YEAR Microsoft Dev Center account for registered users whose country is supported for the said transition.

When you transition from Yalla Apps to Microsoft Dev Center you’ll get these new features:

1. Ability to submit unlimited ‘paid’ apps* and 100 ‘free’ apps directly
2. Ability to unlock 3 devices
3. Direct access to downloads, royalty, and crash reports
4. Ability to update account data
5. Country/region specific pricing
6. New reporting views
7. Simplified process for submitting apps
8. Submit apps to almost two hundred countries/regions
9. Can now have 10,000 beta testers
10. View all reviews in one place

That’s not all.. If you join Dev Center now, you’ll get…

  • Get free development tools, including a phone emulator to test your app
  • Explore code samples and all the information in our developer library
  • Read tips about selling your app
  • Review our policy guidelines and certification requirements
  • See tips and guidelines for creating apps that reflect the beauty of our design concepts
  • Create apps with trial options
  • Enable in-app purchasing, so customers can buy things within your app
  • Test your app with a real phone
  • Submit free and paid apps to the Store
  • Distribute your app around the world and set country/region-specific price tiers
  • Watch your progress and manage your apps in a personalized dashboard
  • Ask questions, share advice, or talk with other Windows Phone developer

Plus, take note that by agreeing to create an account on Dev Center. Yalla Apps will move the apps you have published today with Yalla  to your new Dev Center Account. This means that you will get…
1. Have access to all of yours apps in Dev Center.
2. Retain your existing app users for updates
3. Retain reviews for your apps.
4. Retain star ratings.

Based on my experience, you have to the same email address of your Yalla Apps account on your Microsoft Dev Center account. AND most importantly.. YOU HAVE TO USE INTERNET EXPLORER (9 or 10) WHEN REGISTERING A NEW ACCOUNT OR ELSE PAYMENT BINDING ON PAYPAL WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!

Nonetheless, i’m pretty much happy about what happened here. i believe this will attract local filipino developers who are interested in developing apps for the Windows Phone platform.

What do you think about this bold move? Let me know in the comment section!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yalla Apps will send you an e-mail (If you are applicable for this transition). I advise you to read that and follow it line by line as it will help you make things more smoothly.

LINK: Yalla Apps has published an official blog post about this transition.

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