FSA Leaders Camp Philippines 2013: It was fun!

Being an FSA Lead is a challenging yet rewarding role. They are the people who are willing to contribute to the Mozilla project while doing their part being a college student.

And so the Mozilla Philippines Community has organised the first FSA Leaders Camp in Laguna. Since we heard that this event will be the first Leaders Camp not only in the Philippines but in the whole history of the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program, me and the Mozilla Philippines Developer Team made a companion app for Firefox OS and Android to compliment this event, and of course the app is built entirely using Web Technologies and i’ve used Apache Cordova in order for me to port it to Android.

It was a fun weekend full of challenges, games and lessons that teaches everyone how to become an efficient leader, and i must say, even if i’m already a Mozilla Rep, i learned a lot.

Besides of having fun interacting with other FSA Leads, the ReMos also conducted an overview of Mozilla products and projects and each ReMo has their own specialties to discuss and share their experiences with the FSA Leads.

To sum it all, everyone enjoyed the camp and i hope our leads are inspired enough to contribute more to the Mozilla Project together with their respective Firefox Clubs.  More power to everyone at the Mozilla Philippines Community! 🙂