Geeksphone has something special to announce soon.

That’s right. Geeksphone isn’t going anywhere and it looks like they are ready to drop something awesome anytime now!

So is it…..

  • A “Geeksphone” Developer Preview Tablet(s)?
  • A new set of “Geeksphone” Developer Preview Device(s)?
  • Re-stock of Keon/Peak?
  • Or a.. “Geeksphone” Consumer phone?
  • If not, maybe a set of IMAGES that would make KEON/PEAK into a CONSUMER device?

Who knows? Time will only tell and i’m pretty much excited on what they have to announce in the next few weeks, if not then months. 🙂


As of 7/7/2013 – 5:53Pm (PHL Time): website is DOWN. But the Download section for the images is UP. Probably, some website maintenance? Or a new website layout?