Get ready to hack at 4SQ HackDay Philippines!

We cannot deny that the mobile era is here. It’s what Steve Jobs said that we now heading towards to a “Post-PC era“. But what does it mean? It means people are now shifting from their laptop/desktop lifestyle to tablet lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean people are now selling their new and shiny MacBook Pro’s or Powerbooks, but in fact, they are adapting a new kind of device that would help them consume information.

It’s a Mobile thing, isn’t it?

A Smartphone is designed to be fast, fluid and handy. People love their smartphones because of that. When designing a smartphone app, developers should prioritize the consumer’s needs. Remember, they are always on the go so your app should too.

A tablet, on the other hand is designed for consumers who wants to consume data on a big screen. It’s like a smartphone, but users are not always on a hurry. When designing for tablets, always think about how your app will look like on that big handy screen. Users are meticulous and they demand a better experience on their device. It’s what they paid for.

What about tools and things like that?

Usually, a mobile platform allows devs to build apps on native. But today, majority of Mobile platforms are now offering their web tools to web developers. Popular mobile companies like BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Nokia, Windows 8 are now changing the game with HTML5.You can also use Apache Cordova to build cross platform HTML5 apps.

Now, which is better? Native or Web? Seriously. It’s all about your personal preferences and or experience. Use the tools you feel comfortable with. But if you’re not happy with the results. Go and try the other.

Come and Join 4SQ HackDay PH 2012!

 (WebGeek DevCup. Photo by When In Manila)

Smart DevNet and WebGeek invites all mobile app developers to test their skills in this awesome and one of a kind hackathon event. All you have to do is develop a mobile app on the foursquare API. Develop your mobile app within nine hours and let us see what you’re capable of.

It’s your chance to hack that next big thing! If you want to know more about this event, you can visit the official site: