GOMO – The Telco for Data Enthusiasts

Ever wanted a telco that offers data packages that doesn’t expire? Well it seems Globe is launching GOMO. The new telco that aims to do just that.

It seems the original Gomo was launched in Singapore powered by Singtel and now they are bringing it to the Philippine market under Globe’s huge infrastructure.

It’s not just your usual telco it seems because aside from the fact that the data package isn’t going to expire anytime soon, the actual DATA balance IS your currency to buy CALL or TEXT credits. Crazy, right?

The data packages being offered costs around 299 pesos for the non-expiring data package or opt-in and get the 499 pesos with 25GB of data + 100 minutes of calls + 500 SMS. I’m not sure if the call and text packages are for all networks though, but if it were, that will be really a steal for your money.

Topping up your GOMO numbers would most probably be done through their official mobile app and by using GCash. It’s not clear yet if you can use Globe AutoloadMax service though.

GOMO is offering their sim card for just 199 pesos as an introductory price but will eventually offer the sim cards for 299 pesos with FREE 25 GB data balance.

Here’s the catch though… You can’t buy the sim card anywhere just yet but only through their official website and their Lazada or Shopee stores.

I ordered one for curiosity and will write about my GOMO experience as soon as it landed in my doors. Did I say that when you ordered online, it screams FREE SHIPPING?

What are your thoughts on this? Will you try GOMO out of curiosity too?