Got a Native BlackBerry 10 app? Get it featured on PinoyBBDev!

Built a really cool BlackBerry 10 app? Great! We at PinoyBBDev are finding great apps to review! We believe in our local developers! So every native apps and games are counted! If we liked your app, we’ll be posting our app review in our official website! And who knows! Your app might also get featured by BlackBerry Philippines!

How to join? It’s simple!

  1. Your app must be approved on BlackBerry World
  2. Built for BlackBerry apps are allowed to join
  3. Apps made from is not allowed – Apps made/ported with Cascades, WebWorks,Air and Android are the only apps allowed to join
  4. Proudly Pinoy!
  5. E-mail the f.f information to: aaroncajes [at] pinoybbdev [dot] com with a subject: Feature my app!
  • App Name
  • Your FULL name
  • Vendor Name
  • Working E-mail Address

So join now and get featured! Yes it’s totally free! 🙂