Here’s why i wouldn’t buy a Smart Doorbell anytime soon, if you live in Manila

I love technology. I am usually an early adopter if there’s an awesome new tech that is available to use or purchase. I’m not afraid of encountering bugs or issues along the way. I’m fine with that.

But not with a “Smart Doorbell”.

You see, dear reader, i live in Metro Manila. If you’re like me, i’m just an average middle class person who just lives from day to day and not living in a high rise condo or a gated village.

This is the reason why i don’t opt for a Smart doorbell because of the issues of possible theft. Although I’m not saying that thieves would gladly to steal one if you’re in Manila, in fact, it’s even an issue in the U.S. But we’re a third world country so buying a smart doorbell would be a hefty investment plus there is a risk of having it stolen. So from my perspective, it’s not a viable solution.

But it’s not hopeless though as i was still looking for a nice door bell for our home and have discovered the Smatrul Cacazi Doorbell.

It costs around ₱298 (<9 USD$) and i couldn’t even care less if it will be stolen one day. It’s wireless, it has a wide variety of tunes you can pick and mostly, it just works!

There you have it, i hope this could help you in picking the perfect doorbell for you and your neighborhood. A lot of Shopee/Lazada delivery man would be delighted.