Into the New Normal: CloudSwyft and STI College to take digital learning to the next level

CloudSwyft, a global leader in virtual lab solutions for the education sector, has entered into a partnership with STI Education Services Group, Inc. (STI ESG), one of the largest networks of schools in the Philippines, to augment the online learning experience and collaboration for both students and teachers through “virtual labs” amid the pandemic.

The partnership was launched last October 18, 2021 as part of CloudSwyft’s push to help innovate and scale educational institutions in the Philippines towards digital transformation.

The initial deployment includes over 11,000 virtual lab environments where each student can access multiple applications such as Autodesk, Inc.’s AutoCAD, Microsoft 365, and Adobe Systems, among others on their gadgets and devices regardless of its computer systems.

Founded in 2015, CloudSwyft provides a custom virtual labs platform to align with existing laboratory subjects and course curricula across several disciplines from Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Multimedia Design, Hospitality Management, to Business Statistics, and more.

With CloudSwyft’s solutions, schools like STI College have the full power of the latest technological innovations behind them. For example, CloudSwyft uses its virtual lab technology to provide off-the-shelf and customizable virtual lab templates that are automated, highly accessible, and available on-demand to foster hands-on digital learning for thousands of STI students nationwide.  

According to STI ESG’s VP of Academics Aisa Q. Hipolito, the partnership with CloudSwyft addresses the challenge of implementing online laboratory activities due to accessibility and connectivity issues.

“As a tech-driven institution, STI is committed to being responsive to the changes in the country’s educational landscape. Through our partnership with CloudSwyft, we continue to provide innovative platforms and relevant education for our students and teachers despite the obstacles in online learning delivery during the pandemic,” Hipolito said.

Microsoft Corp. has also recently partnered with CloudSwyft this 2020 to help launch a skilling program meant for young jobseekers in the Philippines. With the help of CloudSwyft’s virtual lab technology, students will be given access to webinars concentrating on career path discussion, data science courses, and lab assessments made by CloudSwyft (called CloudSwyft’s Future-Ready Skills products).

According to CloudSwyft CEO and Founder Dann Angelo De Guzman, the partnership with STI is an unprecedented opportunity for the company to expand its reach.

“STI College has multiple campuses nationwide,” De Guzman explained. “By sheer volume, it’s the largest scale deployment we have done so far, locally in the Philippines — that’s a real opportunity to positively shape the lives of thousands of students and faculty all over the country amidst taking the remote learning experience to the next level. STI College is just one of our significant key partners and just beginning its journey that we aim to support long-term[LEF1] . We have a lot more happening in the Philippines and the rest of the world with this solution.”

CloudSwyft’s collaboration with STI College isn’t the first time the company entered partnerships to bring its solutions to a broader audience. In the past, CloudSwyft has partnered with edtech unicorn Go1 to aid corporations in upskilling employees around the world by making CloudSwyft’s products/solutions available on the Go1 platform. In turn, Go1 provided visibility for CloudSwyft in international markets, particularly in the US. The Go1 partnership proves that CloudSwyft’s solutions are valuable anywhere. 

CloudSwyft is also the one responsible for transforming the physical computer lab facilities of major universities in Indonesia into the cloud by working with one of the largest educational institutions in Indonesia for its virtual labs platform deployment across 5 campuses for thousands of students in BINA NUSANTARA University across multiple departments.

It has also recently released its newest addition to its virtual labs platform product – where it can support MAC OS type of hands-on learning lab environments. CloudSwyft has initially released this to their existing customers in Indonesia and Singapore.

With the worldwide edtech industry experiencing a rapid surge in demand and the total market for e-learning worldwide forecasted to grow to 370 billion U.S. dollars, CloudSwyft’s products and solutions are more relevant than ever.