Line is now available in the Firefox Marketplace!

If you’re a proud owner of a Firefox OS phone, then you can actually download Line by Naver in the Firefox Marketplace for FREE! Right now!

And without further ado, i’ve downloaded and used the app in a flash. If you’ve used LINE on the iPhone before then you will feel right home using it because the User Interface on the Firefox OS version is somewhat similar to what the iOS version can offer.

The app itself is lightweight and it’s just a < 2 MB download away. That makes sense because Firefox OS has been designed to cater emerging markets which means they may have slower internet connection compared to first world countries.

Not bad if you have a stable < 2MB connection.

There are built-in stickers that you can use out of the box to send it to one of your friends. Initiate a Group chat. But the app doesn’t offer calls right now. And also, as you expect Video call is not supported yet. You can’t share location yet. No audio message to bother your friends.

But the app works flawlessly and has push notification that works! So it’s not that bad. And it’s actually useful. And hopefully, naver will still bring us more feature  to future versions as time goes by.

So if you have a Firefox device right now, head on to this link and download Line by Naver.