Make the official BlackBerry 10.2 OS for Dev Alphas work on your Dev Alpha devices!

If you have a Dev Alpha, you might also have tested the BETA 10.2 OS specifically designed for your BlackBerry Dev Alpha device and you might have guessed, it really doesn’t work even on the gold version.

Once you load the Autoloader on your device, at the end of the command line it will throw a: “Security Error.” error message and your deviceĀ  will not be usable and the device LED will just blink red.

Well the solution is actually simple.

You just have to know if your device has an equivalent STL model for the Z10 or SQN model for your Dev Alpha C. And instead of downloading the default Dev Alpha autoloader, you just have to get the device specific autoloaders and it will work!

Don’t know which model you have? Get the Device X app free from BlackBerry World!

Device got bricked in Dev Alpha OS 10.2? Download the good old 10.1 OS Dev Alpha Autoloader here and then download the STL/SQN specific OS and load it on your Dev Alpha device.

Wish it works on your side! Goodluck!