Meet my first Windows Phone 7 App

Recently, i saw that my app has been published to the Windows Phone Marketplace, if you’re asking what my app is, the name of my app is My Holy Rosary, a simple rosary app made with love. It was an awesome thing because i really worked hard finding bugs and tried to follow every single rule in order for this app to be approved and it did!

This app took 41 days upon sending, i really do not know why it took 41 days to be approved but i have no problems with that.. Anyway..

The day my app has been approved, you’ll see that it gains an instant positive rating from Darkclaw 618

Very well done and the app knows what the current day is

It’s really heart warming everytime you see someone liked your app, and i’m really working hard to make my future apps friendly and designed with love. 🙂

I’m a new comer when it comes to building mobile apps, so this one is yet rewarding.. I recently wrote 2 new apps and already been sent to microsoft for approval. Let’s see how long it will take for my 2 new apps to be approved. Looking forward to it!