Meet Pinmash – The new network for exchanging BBM pins

Pinmash is almost 3 months old, and this is my first time to formally introduce Pinmash to public. Pinmash has been my favorite pet project and i’m looking forward for the next milestones away.

So let’s talk about Pinmash.

Pinmash is all about connecting BlackBerry(R) Messenger users all around the world, anonymously. It’s simple! You have two options – Drop your pin or pick one.

If you want people to add you on BBM, you just have to drop your pin. Effortless! And if you’re kind enough to add someone on BBM, you can use Pick a Pin.

Pick a Pin randomly selects a pin based on your search query. It only generates BBM  pins and other personal information a user dropped are safely kept with us for reference purposes only.

So if you are a BBM user, and haven’t tried Pinmash, it’s the best time to do so. 🙂


Download Pinmash for BlackBerry PlayBook –

Pinmash on every browser, device, anywhere. Use Pinmash Web View