Meet the first top ten filipino made Firefox OS apps you can use today!

We cannot deny the fact that Firefox OS has a great developer interest in the country. Many of the local developers from different fields are joining our official Dev Group on Facebook to get an insight about the latest news and events related to Firefox OS.

But… how about the consumers? You’ll be surprised that even at Toycon 2013, i am getting questions like “When will Firefox OS launch locally?” or “Is Firefox OS something to look forward to?” from a consumer that came from a non-tech industry field! How awesome is that?

And since January and up to this date, we have successfully conducted 3 App Days from different places in the country and 2 Firefox OS Apps Development Workshops in top universities in Manila and of course, our countless lightning talks that promotes Firefox OS in different parts of the country.

Lo and behold, we are pleased to announce the first top 10 Firefox OS apps that has been approved in the Firefox Marketplace:

  1. Raffle Hat
  2. NS Converter
  3. My Holy Rosary
  4. My Aksyon
  5. Pixel Test (You have to switch to countries that supports payments to see this app)
  6. Leaders PH
  7. BMI Calc
  8. TicTacToe
  9. Game of Luck
  10. MozPH Memory Game

OUR BASIS: We gathered this information from the Mozilla PH Developer Community and does not in anyway represent accurate statistics (on who came first) from the Firefox Marketplace.

Let this be an inspiration to other filipino developers to get started making or porting their apps right now! This is truly the best time to explore the platform and launch an app!

How can you try this apps without a phone, you say? You can download and use the Firefox OS Simulator (Add-on) and use it along side with your Firefox browser. Cool, right? 🙂

If you need developer support, you can always ask for help at our developer group or follow @MozillaHacks on twitter.

Recently approved Firefox OS app? E-mail me your app’s Name, description and Marketplace link to: aaroncajes [at] MozillaPH [dot] org