Need help for the Holidays? The Redesigned MyKuya is here!

Where there has been a time when you REALLY want to get out to do something but the situation outside doesn’t seem to agree with what your plans in mind? Of course, you do. Everyone does.

Whether you’re craving a delicious Chinese cuisine or just wanted to step outside to buy that SINGLE thing. Don’t you wish you could ask for someone to do it for you? Something like a Super Proxy?

Well thankfully we’re living in the future, sort of. And there is an app for that!

Introducing the Re-designed and simplified MyKuya app!

MyKuya is a super app but you’ll love the following features they’ve added on this version:

  • Pabili Service
  • Deliveries
  • Mall Shopping
  • Housekeeping (Making sure your house is as squeeky clean!)
  • Maintenance (Handyman, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Painter)
  • Aircon Services (It’s ideal to have your aircon checked before the summer season begins next year!)
  • Barberdashery (Yes, you don’t need to get outside for that nice hair fix)
  • Government Errands (Forget about long lines!)
  • Business Helper
  • Business Rider
  • Business Driver
  • Business Admin Assistant

and many more!

MyKuya, a Filipino provider of on-demand and pre-booked services, has launched a new version of its mobile app, designed with improved features and additional services to cater to a larger consumer market in the Philippines.

MyKuya, which is now on its V5, is now designed with more simplified features to help new and existing users to easily navigate the wide range of services that it offers and book requests for both personal and business purposes.

The company has expanded its offerings with new services such as Government Errands, which was launched to address their consumers’ high demand for assistance when it comes to filing government documents. Through this service, users can have a trustworthy MyKuya partner handle and file documents for SSS, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG, TIN ID, and Postal ID, as well as register vehicles at the Land Transportation Office on their behalf.

The service provider has also introduced Virtual and Office Assistant services to assist employees with administrative tasks that they cannot attend to.

Aside from the new services, MyKuya has also added GCash and Paymaya as their new payment methods. Users can top up MyKoins through the two mobile wallets apps and use them to pay for the service fee on the app. Recognizing the convenience that GCash and Paymaya bring to Filipinos’ lives, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, MyKuya believes that the new payment methods will be beneficial to a larger consumer base that they can serve.

Additionally, MyKuya has enhanced its in-app communication modes. Aside from the usual chat feature, users can now send images, record a voice note, and even call their MyKuya partner to better coordinate regarding their requests. This is in response to the different preferences of their new and existing customers.

Lastly, the Filipino super app now has a limitless transaction feature, allowing users to book a multitude of requests at the same time. According to MyKuya founder Shahab Shabibi, this new feature is meant for both individuals and businesses looking to ramp up their processes.

“This is something that our engineering team has put a lot of effort into because a lot of our users are people who are busy with a myriad of tasks. With the MyKuya app, you can have as many as 100 transactions at the same time. If you want to hire 100 people, you can do that with MyKuya,” Shabibi added.

With all of these new app features and services, MyKuya shows how it consistently provides quality services for Filipinos. Since 2017, the company has been providing convenient on-demand services such as grocery delivery, bills payment, and house cleaning.

Even amidst the pandemic, MyKuya only ramped up its operations to serve more Filipinos, especially those stuck indoors. The company has partnered with retail operators nationwide such as SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, and Ayala malls―to name a few―to speed up service delivery for MyKuya users. They also added maintenance and lifestyle services so that Filipinos will no longer have to leave the comfort of their own homes or tediously look for people to help with their needs.

MyKuya also offers a comprehensive package of solutions through MK Enterprise Solutions, a staffing platform that aims to address larger scale logistics or manpower requests from small and large enterprises. Some of the full-scale MK Enterprise Solutions include janitorial and housekeeping, deliveries and logistics, bills payment and cash collections, packing and sorting, and technical maintenance.

When it comes to their plans for the future, the company is looking to work with some of the biggest companies in the Philippines to enable a larger shift to on-demand services. According to Shabibi, MyKuya has already been approached by large companies in the healthcare, retail, and logistics industries, asking if they could utilize MyKuya’s technology to launch their own app with their own branding.

“As we move forward, MyKuya will continue to look for more ways to help Filipinos with their errands and responsibilities, as well as enable businesses to grow and shift to digital processes. This is our contribution to the country’s culture of bayanihan or nation-building. With MyKuya, nobody gets left behind,” Shabibi said.

MyKuya is available to download for FREE on Google Play and Apple App Store.


MyKuya is a Filipino super app that lets users hire personal assistants on demand to do errands for them such as getting groceries, paying bills, and delivering or picking something up on a motorbike.

Founded in 2017 by Machine Ventures and the team behind SMS-based personal concierge HeyKuya, MyKuya aims to provide value to every Filipino—helping customers save time in completing their errands, enable manpower businesses to grow and digitize their operations, and provide unemployed and under-employed Filipinos full-time and part-time job opportunities.

For more information and inquiries, visit  or contact MyKuya by sending an e-mail at [email protected]