New in Firefox OS V1.2-prerelease: Orientation Lock Support, new lock screen and the future of customizable homescreen!

I’ve recently flashed my Geeksphone Keon with the latest V1.2 ROM with build identifier: 20130928225700 and i think it’s quite impressive because this one has a lot of new upcoming features to play around in the next releases. Take note that i’m on the 1.2 channel, which means this one is being updated every night so expect A LOT of bugs along the way if you want to use this one.

Let me enumerate the cool new things i found on this build:

  1. Device Orientation lock support
  2. Improved lock screen design
  3. Home Screen option
  4. New set of wallpapers

Device Orientation Lock Support 

Orientation lock is one of the most important feature in a smartphone and crucial to the User Experience of a mobile operating system.  If enable, what orientation lock does is that it prevents the device from switching to landscape from portrait mode on any apps as possible. Without this feature, one mistake of holding your device might change the orientation of the screen without your consent, making users annoyed. So it’s nice to see that Mozilla is working round the clock to make this important feature a reality.

Improved lock screen design


From the start, Mozilla has been experimenting different kinds of Lock Screen design, and if you’re using a Firefox OS phone right now, you might have to swipe up and press a rounded button to unlock your phone OR fire up the camera. But on this build, you have to tap and swipe the middle button to select whether you want to unlock your phone or use the camera with a twist of animation that compliments the design of Firefox OS.

Video demo:

Home Screen Options

Soon developers can change how the home screen should look like. This one is similar to Android. Though it’s not clear how one developer or designer can make their own customised home screen, it’s really an exciting feature to look out for.

Video demo:

New set of wallpapers

Now includes the signature fox, and it’s built right into the system wallpaper. How cool is that? 🙂

Video demo:

What’s this? 🙂

Hmmm.. future icon for tablets? 🙂

Video demo:

The real deal here is that every Firefox OS phone will have this update in the future. So theoretically, no Firefox OS phone will be left behind!

If you’re feeling adventurous right now, you can flash your device by getting the official Geeksphone Firefox OS 1.2 ROM here: Please note that i am not responsible if your device got bricked, proceed with caution in mind. 🙂

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.