Opinion: Why BlackBerry Q10 is MORE expensive than the Z10 and why the price is just right

While starring dully at my Twitter stream, i saw someone tweeted that BlackBerry Philippines has confirmed that the BlackBerry Q10 will be launching here in the Philippines! *yey* On June 7! *double yeah* For only 31,990! *huh* That’s how some people reacted when they saw the official pricing and they keep on comparing the Q10 to available touch screen smartphones in the market today like the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S IV or even the BlackBerry Z10. But Q10’s price fits BlackBerry’s target. We’ll discuss more on that after the jump!

(The BlackBerry Q10. Photo source from N4BB)

BlackBerry Q10 is made from premium materials

The first time you hold a Q10, it really feels premium that’s because it has been made with advanced materials! My BlackBerry Q10 experience is awesome! The keys are comfortable to type *It’s even comfortable than the BlackBerry Bold 9900) and the glass weaved back makes the phone really gorgeous! Discover more about Q10 on this youtube video embedded below:

BlackBerry Q10 is incomparable

When BlackBerry launched BlackBerry 10, they started to ship the BlackBerry Z10. While BlackBerry Q10 may have been late to ship, the price is still justified and targets the right market.

If you observe and think deeply, BlackBerry Z10 is REALLY targeted for those people who are comfortable with touch screen smartphone. They might be a current iOS, Android, Windows Phone user. Or even an owner of a phone with a physical qwerty keyboard/keypad. But who knows? People has different needs and for them they might need/or comfortable with a touch screen smartphone and that’s why the Z10 fits perfectly on that market, and that’s why it’s cheaper than the Q10.

Q10 on the other hand, is targeted for those faithful and proud users of BlackBerry Smartphones with a physical keyboard. And BlackBerry has spent time crafting an iconic smartphone that will lead the future of BlackBerry.

Q10 is different. It’s not full touch so if you compare it to a full touch smartphone, it’s like you’re comparing apples and oranges. Both are smartphones but one has an ambition, the Q10 has a goal.

If BlackBerry wants to dominate, they need to target a market that is beyond qwerty, a larger market that needs a “touch-screeen” based smartphone. So i think that’s why the BlackBerry Z10 was the first to be released and that explains why it’s cheaper than Q10.

BlackBerry Q5 might solve your BlackBerry 10 needs!

If you really can’t afford to buy a BlackBerry Z10/Q10, you might want to take a look at the upcoming BlackBerry Q5 an entry level BlackBerry 10 phone that might fit your budget. Think of it as a BlackBerry Curve… But runs BlackBerry 10! Hey, that’s a big deal!

Is BlackBerry crazy with their pricing? They might be crazy, but they know what they are doing. In the end, it’s really all about the awesome BlackBerry 10 features that compliments the premium BlackBerry hardware. 🙂