Over 3,000 Jobs: Q2 HR Solutions Provides Jobs to Filipinos Amidst A Raging Pandemic

This is the story of Dominic Antido, Prior to joining Ninjavan as a sorter, he had a difficult time looking for jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic has especially made it harder for job seekers like him to look for a stable source of income as many businesses were cutting costs and freezing their hiring and onboarding processes.

The same went for Dennis Biason, who was unemployed for four months before joining Jazy Policrete as a warehouse and logistics manager.

Prior,  with the end of the pandemic almost nowhere in sight, it felt like there was no hope of landing a job. Fortunately, like discovering an oasis in a vast stretch of desert, both Antido and Biason received job hunting support from Q2 HR Solutions, the leading recruitment and HR consulting company in the Philippines.

Through Q2 HR Solutions’ People4People service, Antido was matched with NinjaVan and was able to meet and speak with their HR department through a phone interview. Upon his acceptance into the company, he was also able to easily submit his pre-employment requirements online.

“Q2’s assistance created a positive impact on me during these challenging times. Even if you’re financially struggling because of the pandemic, they won’t make you spend a single cent. They especially make the initiative of making the job hunting and onboarding processes easy in terms of what they need to submit to you and what you need to submit to them to land a new job,” Antido said. 

Similarly, Biason was matched with Jazy Policrete and was able to join the company in less than two weeks, which he considered fast given the employment crisis caused by the pandemic. After experiencing Q2 HR Solutions’ professionalism and prompt service, he now recommends his unemployed colleagues to work with the HR consulting company as well.

Q2 is always here to help

Antido and Biason were just two of the over 3,000 lives that Q2 HR Solutions uplifted during the pandemic. NinjaVan and Jazy Policrete were also among the more than 130 companies that the Filipino firm assisted in terms of talent recruitment and onboarding.

In addition, Q2 HR Solutions supported its existing client base by conducting over 19,200 background verifications, making the talent recruitment process easier for companies looking to expand their workforce with trustworthy employees.

Even amidst a global crisis, Q2 HR Solutions was able to respond well to the needs of both employers and job seekers. Through one of its law-compliant solutions, People4People, the HR consulting company was able to follow a 10-step people management cycle that ensures job seekers are properly matched with the best possible employers and vice versa. P4P’s steps are as follows: recruitment and selection, job offer and pre-employment requirements, job orientation with area supervisor,  development to client/monitored by area supervisor, collection of DTRs, payroll processing and issuance, billing to client, business reviews and report to client,  separation, final pay and COE issuance.

Additionally, Q2 HR Solutions wouldn’t have been able to support their clients if it weren’t for their quick turn around with their own operations during the pandemic. At the onset of the crisis, the company set up an effective work-from-home system for their employees and ensured that they could communicate and work effectively with each other despite the situation. They also created weekly town hall meetings where they provided all employees with updates about the company and their clients.

“These steps helped ensure that we would continue taking care of our clients. Excellence in everything we do and uplifting lives are what we live by and strive to achieve on a daily basis,” said Trixie Whyte, Founder, Chairwoman and President of Q2 HR Solutions.

Moving into 2021, Q2 HR Solutions vows to take lessons learned from the previous year and apply them as they continue coordinating with their clients and supporting their business. Whyte believes that supporting their clients that are pivoting and reviving their operations is critical for all of them to succeed. As the world adjusts to the new normal, it is now more important than ever to uplift the likes of Antido and Biason in finding jobs appropriate for their skills and needs in life, as well as help businesses in reaching their organizational goals.

“As we continue our plans to grow the business, not just in the Philippines but globally, these conversations ensure that we remain top of mind. We will continue to pivot and thrive,” Whyte added.