Remote Emulate Firefox OS/Android device on your Windows/Mac/Linux

Today i was preparing for a talk on saturday that i suddenly realised that i need to beam my phone screen to any projector using a computer connected with a Firefox OS powered device. So out of curiosity and a little research, i have successfully remote emulated my Geeksphone Keon to my Mac.

You can do the same on a computer running Windows, Linux and Mac and some Java. Here’s how:

1.) Open Terminal/CMD and check if your system recognizes your device by typing: adb devices

2.) If full_keon appeared on the screen then your computer recognises your Keon device. Now type: javaws <androidscreencast.jnlp file> on the terminal/CMD.

That should do the trick! Enjoy!!!

Note: Your device must be on the homescreen. It will be easier for you to check if the same method also works for you.