Should i support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8?

Let’s stop about Windows Phone 8 buzz for a second and think about this question:

“Should i support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8 even after Windows Phone 8 has been released?”

Well.. My answer is… It depends, really!

I’ll ask you another question…

Should i rewrite my app to support awesome NFC feature? OR Rewrite my game to awesomeness graphic hungry nativity?

If your answer is YES.. Then you should rewrite your apps for Windows Phone 8. But if your answer is NO.. Then your current windows phone apps will still be running smoothly even on a Windows Phone 8 device!

You can, however write a separate app for Windows Phone 8 devices. It’s really a matter of choice! But if your app doesn’t need NFC or any new Windows Phone 8 hardware features.. Then you are free to support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8. Not a bad choice if you need a higher target impact.

In the end, you, as a developer has an option to decide. So ARE YOU still going to support Windows Phone 7.1/7.8? Let me know in the comments section!

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