The 1st Firefox Warriors Club FSA Meeting!

The 1st Firefox Warriors Club meeting was a success! And we also didn’t expect that our meeting will also gather other students from joining the FSA program, so technically we just hit two birds in one stone! 🙂

First, i discussed what FSA is all about and planned about possible partnerships with different organization in our college and other organizations in the University. I also discussed about recruiting students from different colleges in the campus. Right now, the group is composed of 99% of College of Computer Studies and Systems (CCSS) and 1% in College of Engineering, our goal is to reach more FSAs from different colleges at the end of the sem.

I also brought my Firefox OS developer preview device and made them feel the future of the open web on mobile. They love it!

At the end of the meeting, i gave them firefox swags to show how proud they are to become a Mozillian! We also gave newly recruited students some swags and Kristian Lugtu, the FSA lead in the University was assigned to contact them and give them the necessary orientation to get started.

I’m currently the club’s adviser of the group.

While i believe we have a good foundation, we need to strive more for the success of the FSA program in UE Manila. If you’re interested in joining us, you can join our facebook group: