The Creative Innovation Launchpad – A Book Insight

All praise to Doctor Mario Domingo’s new book: The Creative Innovation Launchpad. The timing couldn’t be better because the country is currently facing a great recession brought by the pandemic. Countless workers lost their jobs, small businesses shattered. And people are looking for ways on how to cope up with the economic and as well as the health effects of COVID-19.

In times like this, one of the best investments a person could do is to invest more on his mind. The brain, as I quote the famous Robert Kiyosaki, is the most important asset one could have!

2020 has been the year where a lot of business owners have moved on from the traditional “Brick and Mortar” part of their business and venturing more into the digital ecospace.

But by putting your business into digital wouldn’t magically solve your business problems. It’s not as simple as creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account and everything will be okay and a swarm of clients and potential customers will flood your inbox. That’s the dream, but most of the time that is not the reality. You have to understand what is the real problem and needs of your customer and to serve and solve them as soon as possible and with the power of the internet, where everything can be done in a tap, the opportunities are endless!

With tons of competitors along the way, everyone will soon be on digital but where do you stand in order to be seen?

This is where the book comes in handy.

Dr. Mario Domingo’s approach to this book is as simple as talking to an old friend giving you honest and practical advise. The book consists of 6 chapters with each chapter packed with tons of real-world advice and stories of success (and failure) with a practical approach we Filipino usually love.

I have finished the book in less than one week by reading 1 chapter a day. For the simple reason that you have to contemplate what you have learned and think about the practical approach on how you can utilize this valuable information as you approach solving your problems on your own. Believe me when I told you that there are lots of great tips and advice that even a 9 to 5 worker can use. Innovation isn’t exclusive for Founders and Corporate Leaders, it’s for everyone to appreciate and take advantage of.

I love the fact that most of the topics covered are relevant to the Philippines’ settings. There are tons of Startup books out there in the market but are usually covering the great stories of Silicon Valley and not what we have here in our country which is a different environment.

The book features advice on Bootstrapping, Driving top-down innovation, pitching to investors, design thinking (The most important part!), Creating an innovation hub and developing an innovation flywheel.

Dr. Mario Domingo, The Author of The Creative Innovation Launchpad book.

If you have read Eric Ries’ “The Lean Startup” this is like the “Afterthought” of that book. Not really comparable but the good stuff on both books might work for those who are interested in making an impact today.

Would I recommend this book for those who are interested in learning the techniques on how to innovate efficiently regardless of their jobs and background? It’s a resounding YES!

You can go ahead and purchase a copy today at or at Book Shelf PH’s Official Online Store or Shopee page.

Goodluck and stay safe in your business or professional careers!