“The Evangelists” – A Book crafted for the Filipino Marketing and Communication Professionals

Marketing plays an important role not only just for companies but for everyone who wants to sell out there in the Free Market and wants their products or services to get the attention it deserves. It’s the force behind every successful campaigns that lets consumers know what they want even before they want it.

This is why creative agency Ambidextr has recently launched its latest book entitled, The Evangelists: Insights from Leaders of the Nation’s Most Beloved Brands. Formally launched at the Cabernet-Sauvignon of Chardonnay by Astoria in early December, The Evangelists delves deep into the topic of what makes a strong and resilient marketing and communications strategy.

The Evangelists contains 56 different features showcasing insights from marketing and communications leaders representing brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Foodpanda, BPI, Angkas, and so much more.

The book’s chapters cover everything from the power of influencer marketing, the importance of market research, and even tips on how a brand can connect and engage with their target audience in the face of a pandemic.

“In the new normal, it’s important to not only market your products and services, but show how you are taking every step to keeping your guests safe. Showcasing how we can provide our guests this great customer experience – in any kind of environment – is central to all of Astoria’s marketing and communications,”

– Jackie Ng, the digital marketing and business development head at the Astoria Group.

According to Pancho Dizon, Co-Author of The Evangelists and writer at Ambidextr, the editorial team is especially proud to produce a book just about anybody can learn something from.

“While the book is valuable for marketing professionals, it doesn’t just stop there,” Dizon explained. “What the book tells us about marketing and communications can be used by a business owner or even a student studying marketing for the first time. You don’t have to be so immersed in the industry to be able to appreciate what’s in the book.”

“There are a lot of talented marketing and communications leaders in this country that unfortunately don’t get the credit they deserve,” added Chiara Siochi, Marketing Associate at Ambidextr and Managing Editor for The Evangelists. “Most of the time, business books take on a western context and we’re proud that The Evangelists takes the Filipino perspective into account. It’s this goal of showcasing the brilliance of all these leaders that makes it all worth it.”

The Evangelists hopes to show that there is no shortage of talent in the Philippines in even the most fast-paced of fields.

Although it is a process that will certainly take years, with any luck “The Evangelists” will be part of the reason why the Philippines eventually gets recognized as a powerhouse when it comes to marketing and communications.

The Book is now available to purchase through Shopee and the Book Shelf PH Online Store.