Tired of changing your Wall Clock’s batteries? It’s time to get a USB powered Wall Clock!

During the hard lockdown where everyone are strongly advised to stay at home, i’ve been able to discover some of the most obvious here in our home and one of that issue is the burden of changing our home’s Wall Clock battery.

Imagine spending money and effort and especially time when doing routinely every quarter. Thus i have decided to call it quits and just bought a nice USB powered wall clock.

If you are like me, most of the time i do the best deal hunting at Shopee. Then i discovered this awesome Wall clock!

For just a cheap ₱387 (<9 USD$) all of the hassle of changing batteries and tuning the time has been solved!

It works like your usual wall clock because it has holes in the back that you can use to replace the old one, or if you don’t have a nail, you can opt for a double sided tape instead.

Not only that it could obviously tell time, it could also tell the date and the current room temperature ACCURATELY. Yes sir, it tells the temperature accurately as my workstation is somewhat near a stove, when someone cooks, it tells me that the room temperature rises. And falls after an hour later.

Aside from that it is LED lit. Both in light and dark conditions, so you could see the time clearly regardless whether the lights are on or off.

The last thing i would brought up here is the fact that it has a traditional rounded battery. No it couldn’t power the actual clock when there is a blackout, but it saves the time and date settings instead! Basically, it keeps the memory intact. So when there is an actual blackout, you can easily switch it to a powerbank and you would expect it to work!

I hope this would probably help you more than it helped me!