Venus Return

O, Venus. The God of Love and Beauty.

I should have loved you more when i had the chance.

Bounded by mystery, i know i am not worthy

I know our love was not coincidence

The days gone past, the nights went cold.

I linger for your presence that is a truth to be told

Ever since the day you went away.

All i could do now is pray.

All these times i was thinking.

What could be more noble than waiting.

But what can a mere mortal ever do.

To love a goddess like you.

If the Universe would once again cross our paths,

i would make it a moment to last.

And if i have the power to stop the time

I hope to be with you for a lifetime

Remembering the times we shared and the tears we cried

But it was all genuine and that our love was sacred

But at the end of the day,

All i ever wanted is for you to stay.

But for now i will only have a glimpse of the sky tonight

Hoping that tomorrow it will all be alright

And when the day comes that i adore

I will only hope for your love once more