WebGeek DevCup 2013 was a blast!

That’s right! Mozilla Philippines has been supporting WebGeek Philippines from the start and we are honoured to be part of this year’s DevCup!

Did you know this event was so buzzing, it was even featured by GMA 7! (A very known local news station from the Philippines.)

Also, this year was quite different. Why? This time, the officers from the Firefox Warriors Club – UE Manila together with a fellow Mozilla Rep, Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez was there to cover the whole 2 day event! Even though i couldn’t be with them on the weekend (Yeah… 🙁 Because i was in Cebu for the Firefox App Days – Cebu) they did a very good job at supporting developers by helping them debug their web app using Firefox’s Built-in Developer Tools!

Heck, they even distributed Firefox swags and even answered questions about the Mozilla Community and of course, Firefox OS!

Take note, this event was attended by 60 teams composed of 1-3 devs! For a total number of 48 apps generated!

Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez even blogged about his thoughts about this year’s event. Awesome, right? Check it out here.

Some say, a picture paints a thousand words…. So we covered the event with PICTURES! Only at FWC – UE Manila’s Flickr Account! Take a peak here.

Congrats WebGeek! Until the next DevCup! 🙂