Why Ride Sharing made sense

Recently there was a buzz about LTFRB being bullish about regulating TNVS companies like Uber and Grab and made a huge roar in social media. And that’s a good thing. It only means the filipino culture for ride sharing has never died – but evolved into something that is significant to our daily lives, we really want it.

The Philippines has been naturally a ride sharing country even from the start

After World War II, we were left devastated and the transportation has been crumpled but someone had an idea: “The americans had left us these military Jeeps. What if we can make it a transporation vehicle for the masses?” alas the “Jeepneys” were born and the rest is history.

We have been pioneering ride sharing right after world war II. Why do we need to stop it now? Why are we going back to the dark ages of commuting where having to line up for taxi is hell and getting to hear hold up stories from different people in a Taxi is a common thing back then.

Heck,even a good taxi driver returning valuable things to passengers gets televised. Why are we even fighting for this?

Why Ride Sharing is the solution to our problems in the Metro

I’ve always supported the idea of Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, that the future of transportation is through ride sharing. Manila is a crowded place. And a lot of private vehicles only drives from point A to point B alone. If you’re driving a 7 seater car, chances are there are 6 untaken seats.Imagine those seats being utilized by 6 people going through the same direction, we are reducing ubers, taxis, etc and we are moving people more efficiently.

If we can move a lot of people from Point A to Point B efficiently, do we really need A LOT of taxis, bus and jeepneys?

But is Uber/Grab taking jobs of other people?

I don’t think so. One could easily jump ship from traditional transportation services to TNVS. But this time, being in a TNVS and under the eyes of Uber/Grab means the people can report you or praise you. There’s this medium that helps the commuters report bad drivers or bad riders. And that’s a good thing. It justifies everything.

So there you have it folks. We need TNVS. We need MORE ridesharing platforms. This is progress.