Work From Home Tip: Why having a great posture is king

I’m a long time laptop posture worker and only moved to the “Desktop” style of working last month and i have no regrets.

Ever since the pandemic hit us this year, most of us would work from their home using their laptops and we all know how it feels to use the laptop as your daily driver.

While laptops are great for the “On the Go” computing, it’s terrible at keeping our posture correctly.

We all know that having a great posture if you’re in front of a computer has tremendous health benefits, one could easily forget about it. Especially if they own a laptop and use it on both home and on work.

Invest in your health

I’ve been doing Work From Home since 2017 and I am really used to the laptop posture but only insisted to change it all this year. I’ve had one of the worst back pains that it would impossible for me to drive, I could still walk but it would really take an effort. And I don’t want it to happen again, or at least minimize the risk of having it.

Until I’ve realized that I’m working the wrong way. So this year, I’ve promised myself to buy an external monitor, a nice computer table, a really comfy office chair, a wireless keyboard, and a mouse and never regretted it all! I’m now rocking a hybrid “Laptop-desktop” mode and loving it!

It’s pretty expensive. Sure, but you can’t put a price on health. Plus I feel more productive now more than ever because of the classic desktop posture.