Working From Home? It’s time to take your productivity back!

Most of us these days are staying from home, working or learning. While we are all adjusting to the “New Normal” here’s a little hack that i would like to share to keep you productive even at home.

We all know that working from home is very different than working in an office. You can get easily distracted from all the smaller things, like checking the fridge from time to time or if your pets decided that they needed your most attention. If you’re like me, we all just want to do more even at home.

Here’s my 3 steps to better productivity at home:

Check your Workstations’ lighting condition

If you’re reading this, you are most likely to solve this issue. I’ve observed that having the lights on during my work shift gives me better results than when they are off. This may vary from people to people but i would assume this would be very effective for those who are coming from an office based job where they usually have their lights on. There’s a reason why the office uses white lights, too. It gives us a sense of boost compared to the warm lights.

Check your room temperature

If you’re working from the living room, most probably you will be near to a kitchen which is usually hot in nature. Having to work in a warm environment could hamper your productivity. This is why some of the offices have really crazy air conditioning in order for their employees to do better results. But since we will be working from home most of the time and to be frank, the electric bill doesn’t help either, i suggest moving to a room where you can have a better breeze compared to the living room that is near to a kitchen if you opt not to use air conditioning.

Use the “Pomodoro Technique”

I’ve been testing different ways to get my focus back when working from home and found the perfect solution: The Pomodoro Technique.

It’s simple to understand. All you need to do is to play your day the night before and break down huge activities into smaller tasks that you can achieve.

Once you have the plan set, all you need is to set a timer for 25 minutes, and do the tasks assigned during the hour. Once the time is up, have a 3-5 minutes break. Rinse and repeat. The idea here is to be able to deliver tasks little by little while keeping your focus intact. I’m a firm believer of small wins makes big things. So don’t worry if at first you can’t follow, you have to mentally adjust the way you work in order to be truly productive.

I hope these information helps you! Stay home and Stay Safe!